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You santana after the red mountain this traffic report brought to you by mira sleep visit america sleep at santan village gilbert knocked of a couple of you scottsdale apparently better sleep for a better tomorrow detroit afc each year it is our trick or treat forecast a mix of clouds and sunshine today a high reaching 84 degrees partly cloudy for tonight in on the cool side four tomorrow more sunshine a high of 84 from the twelve news forecast center i'm teams can yoenis perky tiernan at seven thirty four it's fifty eight degrees in chandler then is reported as an amazing story is survival to hawaiian women lost in the pacific for months before a navy ship rescued them now parts of their story are being questioned bad day not been able to locate us we would have been dead within twenty four hours jennifer appell thanking the navy for rescuing her along with taj fully alba and there too dogs but a us coast guard review is raising some questions like the fearsome storm they said through their sailboat off course shortly after leaving hawaii nasa satellite images show there was no storm in the area at the time and then there is there emergency position indicating radio beacon working but the women never turned it on because they said they never felt like they were true early in distress dave packer abc news i'll west valley police department is getting an avatar tactical robot avondale pds ray emmett says the robot can open doors and move objects the robot itself has audio and video who get them to them to barricaded places are dangerous places where we don't wanna put an officer and harm the robot also allows officers to communicate with seven inside of building or during a standoff department got a grant by firehouse subs to purchase the robot ktar eyes on parenting can you they took her tree to allison style with southwest human development in phoenix says first go over the rules before you go out with the kids you have to stay close to your parents the adult that's squirting yale ugc kinkel into people's houses even if they invite you put flashlights anglo stakes all over.

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