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Like i said i think a lot of relievers are using stuff. I don't know if jacob barnes's i don't know if brandon workman is who had a velocity drop in spin rate dropped this week. Juan de peralta for the yankees back to back appearances for him with significant spin rate drops. So tyler matic another one for atlanta back to back appearances with spin rate drops. So i think a lot of relievers are guys that could get caught in the early going here as using these banned substances. I don't know if other teams will call them out on it if the umpires will have to do it. Maybe it's kind of a you know we're all going to band together here kind of mentality because we know our guys are doing it too but i would anticipate that a lot of relievers are guys that go to the microscope here and i just noticed over the last few days. Barnes workman peralta. Juan de peralta. That is and also tyler matic some guys with some pretty big spin rate decreases in their recent appearances and of course that could just be a fatigue factor too. You know if you're working back to back days three and four something like that. You're not going to be a sharp so again. You just have to apply a lot of context to this. There are a lot of variables that come into play that. I don't know if this is substance related or if it's just you know environmental factors or whatever else. But i wanted to throw out some of these names that you can look for them for yourself. So starters so far darvish and bundy another starter. Here tyler anderson any very big. Drop four tyler anderson. Now tyler is a guy that was pitching in colorado pitching in colorado will hurt your spin rates but anderson is a guy that has had a pretty big jump in his fastball spin rape within the last three seasons and again it could just be getting out of colorado. But you know could have also been used to the giants now. They're kind of working on ways to increase spin and also the pirates. They were fourth in average fastball. Spin rate when we talked about this on on monday and decreases across the board for most of their pitchers on tuesday and then anderson on wednesday. So i'm starting to put together enough context clues that i feel like the pirates are team kind of incorporating these substances to a fairly high degree again. Maybe that's off base for me but it is something that i would take a look at here and with the fact that the pirates aren't very good pitching staff at aren't a good lineup. At all to begin if they start seeing decreases and spin rate across the board as the early indication seemed to be a team. That's probably just twenty much worse and we're already seeing a lot of money bet against they're coming in against them all of course of the season here. I don't think that that's going to change at any point. In time casey mayes had a spin rate. Drop any velocity decrease in yesterday start. That concerns me on my is in the tigers. They want him having a walk off home. Run rob and then lost the game in extra innings. That may be worth following for potential injury here for casey mayes. So keep an eye on that. We'll see what is velocity and the spin rates. Look like in his next start next week but that may be one to keep an eye on garrett cole. His spin rates were not down as much yesterday but he also threw harder than he has at any other point this season so throwing harder would create a little bit more spin for him. So i don't know we'll see garrett cole obviously a guy that a lot of people are watching very closely here. He may just decide to go ahead throw harder and maybe that's the thing that he wants to do. Something i noticed. Yesterday gyms karen check of the indians pitched mop up in just trying to get some work in for him but a big spin rate decrease in that appearance for karen. Jack and karen check is a guy that the white sox broadcast put on blast last week because they noticed with steve stone noticed something in karen checks glove the way he was kind of rubbing his glove there. Karen check then with a big spin rate decrease for this last appearance. So maybe that's one that you want to focus in on and of course the bullpen. The biggest strength for the indians at this point in time so if karen check is going to be quite as effective that's something that would make it very difficult to bet on full games for the indians here for a noticeable velocity drop for griffin canning. Yesterday down velocity down. Pitched wellhead eighteen swings and misses. But just something to keep an eye on there but the fact that it was canning and bundy both with these velocity and spin rate drops makes me wonder if something was going on with the technology there at angel stadium. So i'll follow up on that one but again it's very hard to determine these things in a one or two game sample because of all the different factors that are out there so wanna throw out some names on today's show kind of give you some measure of direction and tell you how to do it by going to baseball savant dot com going to the game feed and then looking at the player breakdowns. Once you get into the game feed for the individual games they got all of this listed in the notes. Would you can get if you email me skating. Tripods at jimmy dot com.

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