America, Chris Coe, Official discussed on The Majority Report with Sam Seder - 1631 - Wosny Lambre: Voter Suppression & Trump Jr. Under the Bus?


And that guy basically did the pivot where he was sort of like well yeah i mean on personally sort of racist may be but i kind of get the you're not supposed to be any more but this is isn't about racism this is just about like clearing the field of people who don't vote for us and they happen to me black disease usually anybody they could be young people right i mean that's like the overlap that the ascendant america is people who have you know it's difficult they don't necessarily have the same forms of i d it's not easy as is not as easy for them to follow these processes so it's a great it's a synchronized effort with your publicans any know i think it was very like was it surprising in that and i think matt chris men of chapo pointed this out that like the same days that people are tweeting out you how can republican stand by a healthcare bill that i think the highest poll numbers i saw off with seventeen percent just a a truly abominable piece of legislation that will harm most people why are they stand by well because this letters getting sent to the states because chris coe back and mike pence and chris kobakhidze you know verily extreme xenophobic and deeply dangerous prototype trump political official near that's why i mean if you can a block the vote of people who are disproportionately harmed by what you do that synchronized politics and that's why people need to read you know nancy mcleans work as well democracy and chains that's what it is and you know this is where you see the the basic in uttar.

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