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Well, not many people can say I'm sitting on the top of mount Kilimanjaro, but w Omar's Alice Stockton, Rosie knee is among them, and she is back from her travels to Africa and her assent to the peak. First of all, congratulations. It was awesome. It was the hardest thing I've ever done, man. And you like to do hard things I like to do I need a challenge constantly in my life. I it's it's annoying for those around me. But it's never enough. I have to do something else. Something bigger something better in. This was amazing. I was invited to go on this trip by a friend of mine, and I it took every ounce of emotional and physical strength that I could muster the oldest day and compare it to I could compare to would be the thirty six hours of labor with my son, Jake, and when you're in labor, you don't get a break at least nine hours to the top to the summit. You know, the last day you. Climb four thousand feet from the base camp of to the summit at two o'clock in the morning. And it's, you know, because the winds are really calm, and you know, but you're going up in the altitude is going up, and you're just like trying to muster everything you've got and it's really hard. And you find yourself going. What am I doing? What am I doing? What am I I can't do that? I gotta do this. I gotta do this. And when you get to the top the feeling I mean, your endorphins start, you know, going off. That's the thing. I mean, obviously, it's it's very exciting and exhilarating to get to the top. But once you're there you have to come down. What is that? Like, you know, they asked me to write a little thing a little blurb for our website, and I stopped it right there because it's it was eight hours to get up there. And you start at two AM. You're so excited. You don't get any sleep. You get to the top the air is really thin. You're all excited, it's like Woo-hoo. And then it straight down it is just straight down. And at that point the porter start saying things like do you want us to take your backpack? And it's like, yes. And I linked arms with a porter and we did like a three. Legged walked down the hill. Like, really fast down the hill. A couple of people actually ran because they just wanted to get out of the altitude. But you know, I'm not a young buck. Buck Ness, anywhere. My knees, my knees. I was just like oh my God. Oh my God. Did you post any pictures? I haven't seen pictures from the well, I saw one picture of us at the peak. Right. But in terms of like the vista from looking out at the top. I have a Bryan probably all in the clouds, right? No, not at all. We're was bright sunshine that day was absolutely. Yeah. We got really lucky 'cause I've seen pictures of people up there, and it's like blizzard conditions, right? But it was a bright sunny day. There weren't clouds. There were some clouds laying in the mountains. And you're kind of like on top of the clouds looking down and the clouds are like sitting, right? Very nice. Oh my God. That was beautiful. What what did you learn from the experience, I learned that I had more gas in the tank that I thought for me, it was a really spiritual experience watching the sun rise as you're walking up the mountain looking at the moon and the moon instead of you know, when it's a quarter moon. It's not it's on either side while in that part of the world, it's at the bottom. So let's just like a little slippery. It could slip into. It was the journey. It was the people who were on the journey with me all very bright young people. Some I would say most of them in their twenties or thirties and listening to their experiences and finding what we all have in common and finding out what we're made of and thinking about what I really want to do in my life. What I really want to do with my time. I mean for me when I'm hiking. It's just kind of like self reflection and spiritual as well as the physical challenges of you know, years and years and years of working out and trying to stay flexible and trying to stay strong..

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