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$50 gift card from Cinderella Gourmet food markets fresh from the source. Since 1912 you can call 877970 29 99. Then you let us know I know the answer to this and you could give us a call and let us know. Joe Piscopo on the radio. I'm gonna go right to Mike Santo if I may, but I love that theater county community is joining together. So we want to bring to the airwaves, Mike, By the way, if you're not Italian Americans stay with us on this because we speak for all ethnicity everywhere we really do. We all go through the same thing and you get the disrespect and you get downtrodden. And your grand parents. Your parents come in, You know from another country, your great grand parents. And it is our responsibility to really maintain the legacy of our families that come from other countries, too, For one reason to become American, you know now Mike Santos, special counsel to the National Columbus Educational Foundation. Hey, Mike, Welcome to the show. Make great to have you with us. Morning, Joe. Thank you very much for having me. Well, it's great in a shout out to the National Columbus Educational Foundation. This is about that world joining together. My usually We're fighting with each other man. This is great. Come on. Yes, that's true, were very well known for splintering really was only 50 years ago. Huh? It's done is about a necessity and it's a wonderful thing and has done because we have finally getting off our guff to react to a lot of the negativity. That's going on against Italian Americans. We became completed in our complacency. We became complacent and our success so we kind of missed the ball. You were things go. We left curriculums and through our schools. We left things. Go against us without fighting because we're fine. We're successful people. The point is a point where we had enough. The silent majority is speaking. We're now acting together in unison. The group that you mentioned this foundation is really a coalition of five of the best and most influential Italian American groups in the United States. And when they really take me there anymore, So we're reacting and It's a good thing. We're very young group in one sense of the foundation but was very old and sounds of the collectivity of the five groups. You know, well said We were complacent and you say Well, look, and then the younger generation sometimes don't get it, you know. But let's start here if we can like Santo about this 18 91 lynching of Italian Americans in almonds, the Sicilian Americans down there tell us I know the story, but just for history because it was the largest mass lynching in the United States of America in our history, and you never hear about it, And that was that was just a horrible, horrible incident. 18 91 not Take us back there. Mike, if you would It's true. It happened in the march of 18 81. The underlying issue was that there were hundreds of thousands..

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