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Eastern Maryland 79° were brought to you by long fence, save 15% on long fence decks, pavers, and fences. Go to long fence dot com today and schedule your free in home estimate. It's two ten. There's another car crash involving a kid behind the wheel. This time it happened in D.C. where police say an 11 year old boy hit a 7 year old boy in a playground parking lot and then ran off. They say the younger boys in serious condition on Sunday morning a 12 year old was behind the wheel of a car in Columbia, Maryland, when it crashed, it killed her. It's two 11, and this is one of the busier commuter interchanges. Duke street near the ramp to get onto telegraph road. Alexandria's got some long-term plans to improve traffic, but some neighbors are concerned what it could mean for them. This is the intersection of duke street in west Taylor run Parkway. It's right near the entry and exit rams of telegraph road, which is just a short hop to the beltway. Neighbors around here have dealt with cut through traffic for years and there are speed bumps on the smaller streets. Some are concerned that the city's long-term plans include a new traffic light on duke street, neighbors want to make sure that doesn't mean a whole new influx of cutthroat traffic. A bridge in maclean over the capitol beltway is about to partially come down and it will be noisy. You could hear noises similar to these during the three week long project to tear down the north side of the Georgetown pike bridge, work starts on Wednesday. Vdot says crews will work from 9 30 at night until 5 a.m. each day until the job is done. A new 6 lane bridge with a 6 foot wide sidewalk is being built to replace the old bridge, traffic pattern changes will be in place and you can expect delays and full road closures in the area over the course of the project. Vdot will tear down the south side of the bridge in the spring of 2024. In McLean, Kyle Cooper, WTO news. In Virginia, Democrats and Republicans split the lead in recent fundraising totals in two of the region's

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