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Performance would be equal to that said miles. Now, this is from 2003 to two thousand sixteen and it seems like you restricted your data two races in the UK. Is that correct? Yes, that was just races in Britain. So obviously this study is counter intuitive to the traditional thought of women competing directly against men. What conclusions have your research led you to make about why women are able to perform as well as men in such a physically demanding profession or wherever? You are really just one Scooting analysis of erasing data so I didn't I didn't click into exactly why the team announced that Fleming differently publicly. I have some thoughts on it because it when you're looking at Lewis, I think it's the whole feeling the work that And the jockey writing. It is more factors than just physical strain, the tactical, and the technical skills that go along with eight. They could be seen as equally important test the physical strength, Vanessa cash of northern racing, collagen Doncaster England joining us. You're on in the gates who actually Commission this study. And what exactly was the motivation for doing so. So I did the work has pockets of this thoroughbred horse racing industries NBA that I was studying at the University of have a pool. Um, and this was uh, with the support of the university I'm supposed to the British Horseracing authority. Uh, I was able to do this research as part of my final dissipation. This is really, I mean this is a time-limited steady as parts of my NBA. And so this is really initial study on it's great that we've had so much interest from the industry on bringing the ritual stress the authority of supporting the work, but there's definitely more work to be done in the area. Um, so I've recently been awarded the best we from the women in racing Inc. in England to continue this research, which is brilliant news. Because a At the moment, the research He's just limited to handicap racist if we could find other nations if winning chance we could extend it to other races. Maybe take the the work of step further as well And props. Look at other factors affecting female performance, like experience. And regularity of right Well, in that regard, You know you write that in the fourteen years of data that you analyse two thousand three to two thousand sixteen in the UK that women jockeys accounted for five point two percent of all rides, despite holding 24 percent of Jockey licences. But you also note that women are half of all stable staff. What do you think accounts for the disparity on it? It it. In an opinion, but it's difficult to say the fact that only taking five point Tepes Center for AIDS. It does meet England, ah, whether the might affect girls aspiration who work in the in the racing industry that they don't see a large percentage just goes right in, I think not go to affect that career ambitions. What do you think the study will have on the racing culture? Well, I would love to think that were like they could be a catalyst for change in bacillus rising and I'm perhaps change aptitudes to female jockeys. We have had to a great deal of interest in the work, and I would like to think if we can take this, this worked a bit further and then actually publish the work. And I hope that we could make some change and change attitudes. And win the full story come out. And we have Nazi second date for released yet. But we are working on getting it published. But I presume it will be some time in two thousand eighteen at yes, Yeah. Well, it's fascinating and it's interesting to see what effect this has on the Community, not just in the UK but overseas in here in in North America as well. Well, thank you so much for this. Ah, Cashmore for sharing this with us. Very, very interesting. And I'm sure we're not here in the end of this yet. Okay, thank today on Thanks to Vanessa Cashmore into art Wilson. The American Revolution was neither America nor revolution. You can make that argument, And if you do, it makes the term American Revolution. Quite ironic since the term, an actual meaning become askew. Well, good old Churchill Downs zinc which started by staging horse races, including a certain hair in early May has worked really hard to be anything, but a racing company and to separate themselves, They've found a new way since Florida law requires them to offer power mutual betting at colder where they owned the casino Churchill Downs is thinking of dumping racing and staging Pylak They still get to keep slots car games and Keno. Yes, it would cost some money to build and operate highlight. But the prize fund would be less than for racing Churchill turns away from its roof. Instead of trying to innovate a desperate need, the sport is really facing You can get us on our YouTube channel by searching in the gate podcast. You can get us on SoundCloud as well, which services the I tuned store and tune in dot com. 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