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Just if if you could get that I'd appreciate it. He incited. The mob to do what they did? Yes. So, basically, you're saying those were Trump supporters? You don't know that. You don't know whether Antifa was injected into all of those people. You don't know if in TIFA or other anarchist groups were involved, you don't know. And now represents state representative Kinzinger from Illinois. He's a Republican. Along with Pelosi. He's now calling for invoking the 25th amendment to remove President Trump from office or Congress will start impeachment. And you all know why. Let's go to Brad in Fort Worth, Brad, How you doing in Fort Worth? Good afternoon. How are you, sir? I am well, thank you. Temple, Quick points and I went it. Just tear your reaction. What's going on today is nothing more than our elected leaders trying to pour gas on an open flame. And it's dangerous. Yeah, I didn't do. This is the tip of the iceberg. I'm afraid the Biden administration is part of their platform that indicated that they're going to go after the Second Amendment. Either directly or indirectly, and that's particularly dangerous, especially right now. Um, Item three. And I don't wanna play this down at all. Or dead on a snowy day and D C. That's a slow day in Chicago. Or a slow day the rest of the country. And I am for people like me and I and I don't know. I don't compare myself to radical have a breaking point, also and there and it's and they're getting close. They're getting close. And there are millions like me who are being pushed and they're close as well. And I just want to get your feedback on this. Well, first of all, Brad, I have said it and I maintain that every law abiding, responsible man and woman in this country should be armed. Because you just never know. You don't want to be a victim. Certainly, um, I've carried for years and not because you know, I want anybody to know that I have a firearm. I don't want to be a statistic. I don't wanna be a footnote. In some rag newspaper. Um, you are you're wrong. First responder. A to least until the police or other law enforcement can get there. What do you do? In the meantime, talk him to death. Swing at him with a nine iron. So as far as the second Amendment goes, we got to stay on top of that. That's one of the most fundamental rights every law abiding American hands in this country. Is the right to keep and bear arms to make sure they're not victims to make sure their families they're not victims. I talked to David prints all the time about this. David is a good friend of mine. He owns ego, gun range and You know if you're looking for a firearm or how to use it training and you gotta give me a call. No, that's not a cheesy plug it just the truth. Aziz far as The four dead anyone? Killed or dying because of something diminishes all of us to some extent, and I'm not trying to get S O. Terry can all for philosophical on you. But there's no reason why that woman should be dead of young one. She was a veteran. Um, there's no reason for it on if Joe Biden wants to infer, and that's exactly and Joseph. Do you have that sound bite yet from the news? Okay. Play that real quick. Go ahead. No matter what Ted Cruz does next, he's gonna have a huge group of people are gonna oppose him. No, no, no, no. The one Joe Biden talking about Trump inciting everyone while you get that I'll go to Michael and Michael, where you calling from? I'm somewhere in Kentucky, right now headed back to Texas. We've been a pair of rally in Washington. Give me your perspective, be our eyes and ears. If you will, Yes, our first the president had asked his supporters to come and the women for Trump it organized. They got to permit and Told us that we would be the at the White House to hear the president speak, and then we would Go to the capital. And so the gentleman that you spoke to earlier I think his estimates were right. There were hundreds of thousands of people, probably somewhere between half a million people. It's the biggest crowd I've ever been in. It was very peaceful. It was a lot of people common values, a lot of camaraderie. And so we were all walking to the capital. We got to the capital and I got to that wallet that pool where he said he was arrogant and my wife and I decided to move forward closer to the capital. And as we were approaching the steps to the capital, there was a crowd of people barely moving, and there was a row of people coming back, and we saw some elderly people, probably seventies early eighties. And there were tears in their eyes because they have been hit by tear gas. And then there were some young Children that were around 10 years old, and they also had tears in their eyes because they've been hit with the tear gas When we saw A young man who had a flash bang device, blow up in his face and have done damage to his mouth and he was bleeding badly. And in a string of people coming back, and the crowd kept pushing up and people and we kept hearing these can inspiring and seeing the smoke from the tear gas and We heard reports of rubber bullets being fired into the crowd, and I couldn't see anything happening to justify that behavior on it was infuriating. Myself and the people around us watching peaceful protesters coming Or ah, Peaceful assembly for redress of grievances being fired on and treated like they were enemy combatants. And there were some people that were pressing up against the police. Along a US stairs to the side of some scaffold. It was very narrow. And we watched when I don't know exactly when it happened. But finally that calling began to move up to the Capitol, and they reached The patio around the capital. And then people began appearing from the opposite side coming from the back of the capital. So my wife and I we walked around to the back of the capital. It was open pathway. There were no police. The police have gone back to the doors. We're standing in front of the doors of the capital. There were a lot of people up there on the patio around the capital. There was no violence. There was no altercation between the people in the police. It all was very friendly. We took some pictures, and then we decided we were leaving. And I guess after we left after swim, somebody decided to break the windows and Because there were no police in front of the windows. Somebody decided to break the windows and go in and this horrible tragedy..

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