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Kia civil and stay up to date on the leaders to his clogged radio 560 ksfo you're listening to over sporting and welcome back on this tuesday good morning i am wendy king it's fifty minutes past the hour a man on the radar of french authorities for extremism with killed monday after ramming a car carrying arms and explosive into a police convoy on paris's famed shams at least avenue setting off a fiery blast and a cloud of orange smoke according to officials france's antiterrorism prosecutor opened an investigation police jumped out of the vehicle ran to the car smashed its windows and pulled out the driver in an apparent attempt to save him according to witness accounts the interior minister confirmed that he died fortunately no one else was injured despite the crowds of tourists and others walking down the avenue on a hot sunny day according to the paris police department interior minister gerard collomb called it an attempted attack and said it shows once again that the threat level in france is extremely high the minister youth the case in two weeks blamed the continued need for a state of emergency in place since two thousand fifteen and plans to extend it until november i could be presented at a cabinet meeting on wednesday if confirmed as a deliberate attack this would be the fifth time this year that police forces have been targeted around the french capital leonard odeih he said he saw officers break into the car pulled the man out and throat to weapons on the ground a big pistol and another big arm like the weapons police carry the he said he also saw bottles of gas one of which apparently exploded inside the car the interior minister said the current situation in france shows a new security luckiest present is needed to eventually maintain a high security level without the state of emergency earlier this month an attacker on foot went after a police patrol with a hammer in front of notre dame cathedral the now let's check out what's going on in the world of sports and throw it over to john thanks wendy and the college world series in omaha nebraska yesterday kelsea poyton became the first of the finally to be eliminated going home after losing to florida state six to four and the number one seed oregon state fever be lsu thirteen to one keeping them in the winter bracket in the double elimination.

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