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And they're gonna take this through now i make this team is shown enough now that they will likely go through the season with paul george i just i thought out even up to a couple of weeks ago that they might send him out and try to make a move at the deadline but are gonna roll the dice it looks like it marrow to to show it's still how they play will determine what they do before the deadline but at this one i think they've shown enough especially in the defence of and then any subs scoring outburst last night which leads one to believe that they will probably go through this and leave this to russell westbrook it is very much on his shoulders how they play his relationship with george this was always build is his second chance and when they got george he was the guy who drove from his camp in tulsa in the middle of the night to sit there with george at the hotel bar for georgia's first time in oklahoma city so he did try to do some more of those sorts of things that he didn't do with durant some more of the relationship building what he said after a shootaround some pithy quote to the group i don't know that you can take that and extrapolate some eight or meaning i think he's recruiting him in his own way now look he's still going to be russell westbrook he's not going to grovel for anybody but i do think he's recruiting him in a wild raveling when we call to have you on the show we're not groveling were like lee we think you're amazing come on our show what if we just said hey shows available slot wanna come you'll be like that's weird you know this goes back to remember the derek rose stuff clothes on key wouldn't send him into his passage careful no you know what in the end he did send him attached he cinema taxed and said i would love to have you here but there was no call there was no trip to vegas there was no big state dinner so westbrook with durant he did come out he did go to dinner with him they went to voa with nick collison the week before free agency star inner he asked him he said you're would you want me to change how should i change but when.

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