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Box media podcast network. I'm carissa Swisher, Scott Galloway. And here we are face to face in New York City. I'd like to thank you finally decided to invest in this relationship, you're here because of me maybe about now. Now now, nobody Hillary Clinton Hillary Clinton. I'm running to see you. I answer coffee with her. Yes, I'm going to see her because we have a big interview tomorrow night at the ninety second street, y it's our third interview to charm, there time's a charm. I'm having lunch with hill. Now, Hillary Clinton, No, MR Oatley. Yeah. Who is that I named ship. Okay. Who sat whose ship les? Come on. Marijuana. He let me just go doing. All right. Here's the deal. I was just a Google at Google news group, I giving a speech for among a panel thing. And I was coming down in the elevator. And this guy was like, I love you. And Scott that Scott guy cracks me up. I like when you riff with him. It was on. This guy was like a huge fan. This Intuit while he works out. It was all guys. It was interesting. But I'm just telling you we were two times in one place. It was exciting. So so they like us they really like us at Google at least so big stories this week. Let's go. Let's go right to them. Tim cook the CEO of apple gave an impassioned speech on data privacy. In brussels. He said that Apple's supports a federal privacy law in the US. Let's take a listen to some of what he said. For the average age. He's being weaponized stuff with military. You'll change him in countless decisions on the basis of our lights. Our relationships in conversation. She. Our hope and green. And so he said he's sports US federal privacy law, which there's one in California. What do you think? What do you think about this portent speech? Yeah. Well, he's he's got a ton of moral authority. He's likable. I think he's principled but him taking a stand for privacy is like Sergei or Cheryl taking a stand against devices that are addictive to the young male. Okay. Google and taste attack on his competitive. So what smart thing to do? It smart thing to do. Doing it for a while. It's it's I think it's principle. But the where I think he he kind of misses the Mark or loses the script is when a terrorist uses an iphone the FBI says we'd like to get into the siphon to see if other acts of terror unfolding gets a court order and then apple waves. It's middle finger in the face of the corridor. That I'm on the other side, you're wrong there. You know, what you think the government is what What if if it it had had been? been a black care? I don't think I like the stance. I like this one of our kids doesn't show up. Into that. That's a different that's an emotional reaction. That's an emotionally. No, no. They should not do that. Guess what? The government has way through your house. If your spouse doesn't show up. That's what happens. Yes. Oh, so your iphone is more sacred. They have made a promise with the user of that phone and get it to the user of that phone, even if it's like, I'm sorry. I'm with Tim on this into the trunk. Research. Hold on the iphone. You've bought into this religion Jesus Christ. It is not. Here's the deal. The government has other ways of catching if the if if not getting into an iphone is the only way the government can catch a terrorist getting information. No, it is not no. There are lots of this. It's called intelligence. It's called the CIA. It's called all kinds of ways they have lots of ways to get this information. Whatever, you know..

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