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Hours lined up three deep. Behind barricades back back behind the gate Just to catch a glimpse. Step back, Get out of the way! And then the faces of this story finally emerged. I love you, lady e love, but they're not flanked by publicists. Laurie, Do you have anything to say this Loveland Instead? Police and lawyers are at their sides. I'm sorry because Felicity Huffman Lori Laughlin are both of the center of the biggest scandal in academic history. This'll is a big story today. Operation Varsity blues More on that fallout from the college admission scandal rocking Hollywood this morning. Blue Huffman in Laughlin are the most well known There are only two of the many people charged with scamming the system. To get their kids into elite colleges from the station, bringing you every Broncos game deeper. This'll, his Broncos country tonight presented by bed bread, sports, Never miss a bet with bed. Fred Sports on K Away News radio. Much better, like no jokes much better because Then could be a terrible human being by planting really bad songs in your head, right my head and so you've got it all night, and then we get him to break and you actually decide to do like a William Shatner breakdown of the lyrics of the lyrics from Hero heroes, or I don't even know if it's just a really doesn't matter. This is here. Oh, yeah. Chad Kroeger.

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