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Muhammad Ali finished his Career and got recognized outside of the Ring Justice and jobs His life may he rest in peace and made him A legendary figure an african-american community back to the callers. Ladies and gentlemen we going onto Steve Chicago talk to us. Yeah what's up? Good Morning? Good Morning Steve. Yeah I don't even want to entertain this conversation because there's so many negative things you could say about fury. I Dunno if we wanted to get into that. They say is one of the other callers. When he was comparing the generation of fighters. I do agree with what he says. Power as the training and the Diet and you have a much better athletes to date and you did way back then but the only thing is this generation. You're going to have the stigma of the. Pd's okay so we all know who's doing these PD's the testing is all bullshit. Most of it's crap. You don't know who's doing test and how they're doing the testing. There's no you know you kind of saying like this generation royal and always will have the stigma of these. Pd's but to say that the athlete is a better advocate because of the strength ambition. They do and the Diet. They do this kind of times. He was saying you know Maybe Party. Drunk and stuff like that you know so. I agree with that that the athlete is a better athlete today. If he's talked with the athlete off you know thirty forty years ago but the only speak with these. Pd's and that's all. I got stay. Thanks for calling in. We're going out to Geddy Harlem. What up at work. Yeah Yeah Man. I live in August brothers. Good morning how are you so fast? You Ain't good morning less. Bless your You know I'm a mobile Schiller. Real confident man. I'm glad you heard what you got to hear. I'm glad you you know you see why aaliyah's degraded and And I I really Pretty much it man you we we. We just can't make comparisons to Ali. Demand is not a not necessary. You know like tracer allow Tyson favor to have his own legacy which he's building He still working on a he. Still gotTa get past while you know so Again we know why Ali degraded due to your all right Iran. All right so we got At Jemaine New Jersey all. I think it's difficult to compare Tom. Man is truly is I will say this Tyson. Furry there's no way Hollywood ever not fight Ortiz. There's no way he would be a right. Not Fight dealing away they would. There's no way he would be in this ever and not fight all those guys like the middle of the road and that time for the best of the best so you got to see who was actually the middle of the road and who was actually the best of the best like you. Just don't know ever I and some of it is politics with you would never have all these I'm not fighting Ortiz. Even like get the fuck outta here Bro. Night let's cut the bullshit. There's no way he could still but Ali outside ring door with the nascent Islam Malcolm X. And all that Dum Dum yesterday. You said some wild shit about South Africa I am a stolen in about black coach on black banks There's no way anybody will look at made of in this country if they came back with guns and say. Yo they want they win and call them races so you have white people in South Africa apartheid happened. My door children would bother murder and killed industries so black buck land back in South Africa. Who gives a fuck and fuck rates going on? Stop the Boston. Don't don't compare like don't ever talk about that. You really don't know plus champ let me just add two cents to two quick. 'cause I ray Suarez very delicate So you so the people that are suffering the white people that are suffering now. They're paying for their ancestors. Since is it okay. Still for that oppression to be upon them. Domini Domini apartheid wasn't wasn't four hundred years ago only to land six hundred years ago. That's not what people live. Who children were murdered in the streets doing that. Like what are we saying? What are you sell? It don't mean what's we'll talk off off air buddies we can. We can kick bye-bye pick my poison. This this is where they sold the land. I'm glad I go me. That's why I'm I understand why you call it. You can put racing black people together just doesn't match up. There's a reason why Haiti Do me that. They're still going through health when they fought for their freedom because right white racism extensive breach across all continents right now those they can put sanctions on the whole country and not have them get what they deserve. They can fight everybody else can fight for their freedom for black people do it as a fucking issue. We're not gonNa let you eat. We're not GONNA starve you out like come on. W. Racism is a totally different Moscow at amount jemaine burnt this boomerang and we're going to brandon in Cincinnati. Talk to us. Going on Fellas may was going to end his college students day through it. The righteousness it. What the topic was very big. Compared I could see some comparisons inside of.

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