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Glen Ellyn, Democrat tear. Acosta Howard is a state representative. Not a senator. That's significant because she now is the only the second member of Madigan's House chamber, Second Democratic member to call for Madigan's resignation After the feds implicated the speaker in a comment bribery scheme. They're Acosta Howard says quote even if he was not directly involved in the scheme. These accusations clearly demonstrate that the speaker's leadership has failed. The only other House Democrat to call for Madigan's resignation is Naperville's and Stav A. Murray. Both of them are in once Republican suburbs and our prime GOP targets this fall to Democratic state senators have called dramatic into step down Heather Stains of Chicago and Melinda Bush. Of Gray's Lake. But Governor Pritzker saying today that he is not governor Pritzker today is not calling on mad again to resign. Bill Cameron Cynicism abound, says prescribe, but he still can't bring himself to say Mike Madigan should resign his speaker or party chairman. Well, I have been clear that you know when there is a raid When there is an indictment. You know, I have called for people to step down from their positions or to resign. You know if these allegations are true The speaker should is going to be required to resign. In my view, by the way, That's the same thing that the Republican caucus leaders in the General Assembly said. This is the standard that I think is reasonable. And so far, Mike Madigan has not been charged with anything. No Cameron 8 90 ws another increase in new covert 19 cases in Illinois and again, that number is over 1000 new cases. 1393 new cases 18. Additional deaths. Governor Pritzker says he is concerned and Illinois according to the governor, could be headed for a reversal in its economic reopening. I want to remind everyone that it doesn't take long at all. For a trajectory of success to turn into rising hospitalizations and deaths. And if things don't change a reversal is where we're head today. Pritzker announced the cancellation of high school fall football in Illinois because of Cove in 19 The Illinois High School Association says that football, girls volleyball and boys soccer will be moved from the fall to the spring season. Because of covert 19. Non contact sports will be able to play this fall, including golf, girls, tennis, cross country and girls. Swimming boys swimming. Is considered a winter sport as opposed to girls swimming, which is a fall sport. President Trump is defending the federal agents who he says are defending the federal courthouse in Portland, Oregon. Look at the agitators.

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