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God at any moment can just go. You're well we just read it. Matthew eight nine any condition he just from advertised but if not their light doesn't matter I mean we're we're fine. We're not worship it you we know because him being the miracle. co-worker is greater than US bowing down to you a mirror sinful man and worshiping and into the miraculous US purpose whether it was in that era before Jesus Guide here physically or it was in Jesus era was always appoint people to God. That's right or to Christ but don't miss that in religion you hear these songs in there. It's almost I mean I cringe missy always punches me. Every time I hear these people like hey. We're we're here today day for a miracle and I'm like I got something better than that. That's not why I'm here. I'm not here for the miracle I'm not chasing and the miracle which in religious people get upset because they're like. Would you believe in miracles. Well of course I believe Americans here because God is the miracle worker but there's something more important to that and what he did through his miracles which coming back from the dead is really the only miracle that it it was the trump here. Yeah Yeah not wasn't trump. The trump or miracle wants that miracle happen that pretty well superseded anything that could happen the demille on earth because in the end no matter if he cures my ailments or not. I'm coming back from the dead so who cares. Yeah I mean they're like Oh you got cancer you have three weeks live I I'll be back. I mean whether it it's healed or it's not and like we say we don't mind pursue who in prayer and we've seen some miraculous thing unexplainable things happen but we don't go around and say. Let me tell you this story. That's what bothers me in the religious Legis world. Everybody's telling the stories of the people being healed and they're leaving out. Jesus who's better than that. But he has the power of doing that so which is which is maybe semantics. But I think it's an important whereas in interesting because when you when you fast forward from Daniel Three you're talking about to the New Testament here's acts seven. You know a new Christian fiery man of God Stephen. He's just standing up for what he believes believes in God allow God allowed them to pick up stones and killing. They didn't stop them no he never asked but he was living that that same thing. You're telling me that he was ready to go either way and in fact at the end he looks up into heaven. Says all right here we go. You know ready for the ride as you know. Formal formal the formal introduction of the Apostle Paul Ness right who would be later struck down the guy holding their clothes while there stone and Stephen that he was the leader there. And here's here stands old Sol. He's standing there watching it. And and that's how God introduced in. That's what kind of guy he was by the way he said later on and some of his writings to Timothy. Thank Christ Jesus our Lord who who has given me strength that he considered me faithful appointing me to his service. Now Watch even though I was once a blasphemer and a persecutor I e Stephen his his introduction. That's what and inviolate man he said I was shown mercy because I acted in ignorance and Unbeliev so so there's a lot of ignorance out there on belief especially when it comes down to the power of God. He went on to say the grace of our Lord was poured out on me me abundantly along with the faith and love that are in Christ. Jesus here's a trustworthy saying deserves full acceptance. Christ Jesus came into the World World Save Centers. We're back on his death on crowd right in the middle of this context of who I am. I'm the worst he said. I I'm sitting there holding people's clothes why they killed the sons daughters guide. He said here I am did you. And it's pretty amazing when you say what God can. Do you ever watch the movie. The Apostle Apostle Paul I never watched you gotTa Watch it. You both have to watch I. I'm I may it's on your DVR modified it. Because I I recorded for this. It's what I love about the movie. Jim Caviezel who played Jesus in the passion. You know. And he's a hard core Catholic believer Cabeza. Oh He's great. He plays the Apostle John in this movie. And then there's a guy never heard of before. Who Plays Paul but what I love about? The movie is it set route at the end of his life when they were about to kill it and so the way the movie is set up is John Comes in. He's kind of interviewing because they know he's fixing dies at the end of the house arrest and you got these believers running rather the Enron really really well done. But here's what got me about the movie that you don't get in the Bible but you imagine it to be real so the movie imagines it that all all the guilt that he face and so he the whole time they're talking. He's thinking back to Stephen into others that he persecuted if he wasn't admitted. God bless famer persecutor and a violent man. That's yeah he was far to pick him right. Do Right. Most of the new attachment is pretty. Ironic you need to watch that movie I was I was blown away because I had not seen it until just fairly recently at heard about about his. I never watched it because you know some of these movies are not great but yeah look back past Alan. I see a lot of ignorance and unbelievable as you say that. That was well said by him and I looked at it. I said man I feel her Mike my my Pash xactly right mine too. Well it makes sense on you know. Oh you so as as good as the book of John. You're going to get one miracle Rod after another and when you try to dig into why Jesus was doing that the because you start seeing the stupidity of people's response you remember in John where he heals the guy and then they're like wait a minute you you do the but you told him but you told him to pick up his Matt Sabbath. You can't do that. I mean the guy was healed held. Everybody should be like it's a miracle and then I will. Yeah that's all great. But now he has his matt that he was laying home for the last forty years and he's carrying it. We both Sabbath as worked so I don't know who you think you are mister miracle worker but takeout ridiculous stupid. And that's why I'm saying this. You might not think that's important. But when you you get that Outta whack on why Jesus US commericals. The big pitcher theme of what God's purpose is for us. If you get that out of whack you be doing stunts like that and you remember at another examples. The next chapter in John six where they he fades five thousand with the. What was it five bread and two fish Asia fish him? It was toothfish fiber. So you're like wow okay all those people are gonNA believe. I mean that'd been for me because I was a fisherman and a guy who really likes get bread because I guarantee you if it's made from God on my Van Scratch Liz Evan. This is better than that that bread. I was telling you about colleges the other night. Now look at me. Our at some restaurants Arizona's six years ago and I just woke up in the middle of the night. Craven that bread let it was at a black iron skillet good size. ooh La Funny with me. Willie we took by that Brown and Williamson where I was like. You know what he's got a day the fancy right. We WanNA reservation for tomorrow night. We hadn't even we're five minutes into the meal like we're coming back on the gray said. Where was that restaurant? We had the Bradman skillet and I was like Worried we're we're we started looking to find it had to somebody in Arizona. If you're watching let us know the Muslim Phoenix. My point is Jesus seizes. He does that and then when they came to him. He's Eh you're not coming to me because you saw the miracle coming because you want some more of that Britain Brin Fish. That's right I mean it was like what can we get out of and that that's that's that's our mindset. It's like we won't God as an insurance policy policy in case something bad happened. Maybe he can get me out of a tight spot or give me the benefit of having God on your side which you just think people wouldn't think well your rides is the book. John is basically seven major miracles or major seven miracles. The Jesus does and each one has a point beyond the miracle which is why John Such unique approach to his story. Because he didn't just catalogue Jesus's live let the other guys. He was very purposeful and making sure. Here's a sign. Here's what guy did. Here's a Jesus did but here's what he meant and you get to John Nine and we've talked about this before there's a guy there this blind. And so as they're walking by the disciples. Uh this poor sap and I'm paraphrasing but basically until Jesus whose fault is whose who says who's saying caused him to be born back to Joe's brands of retribution. Say but it was in the clinic walked in there. I saw one of the brothers others over there. He waved at one over there and I told him I said he's UNCO already so good we don't have because you know my wife has a cataract. Yeah me too. I said every time I try to keep it as rare as possible but every time I walk into one of these clinics are one of these Medical outpost you know hooked down to the hospital. They picked a check. I said every time I come into one of these places Look the resurrection loons larger. And look when I said that there was about an eighty five year old woman Cedar Domoling and she was like better so dad goes up to one environment. I think they're former members at our church and he goes. I guess you recognizes that shakes his hand and he's like you know you know the age is is creeping up on us and the guy looked like like dams tell Mr he he looked like what and then he li- he said would you say and he said I thought you said AIDS is creeping creeping up in the hospital. Oh yeah has life not me. He's like a dad. Like that was crazy. I was like. That's what happens when you get older. Nobody can understand what the heck you're nobody can hear. This is the way this is the first year in the duck blind. Were look on several occasions. I would be like all right here. They come on right. y'All I'll get ready and when I look down everybody's like that. Nobody heard what I said. Twenty feet away looking down at the floor and they're six men and between you and the speaker he say y'all get out. I said I think just saying that because they say well we alerted. y'All you just didn't hear the next day. We had this argument the next day. I'll just look up to ducks..

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