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Hate rap s literally. What's going on with some people that were bashing this but again if you are a fan of all things hip hop rap this was up your alley. You fucked with this shit. I mean man. I mean i i was having. I was having flashbacks to their four twenty special. I had watched recently of method man and redman all man that was fucking solid. That was a great fucking three plus hours. Man i i mean i felt like i was listening to a tribe called quest's naughty by nature Shit who who else Arrested development All these man. They got a nice old school as vibe to down but but they got the new flame going onto him as well and man when my math fucking has as spur. Scott came to that mike. A heat to start spitting next shit man. I'm lake. I'm going man. Give me dues next album seriously. Give me do next album hey. Ww here's an idea. I don't know where john cena's rap game is in twenty twenty one. Gimme a rap album with john. Cena in isaiah swerve scott. Put it under the. Wwe umbrella shit on sell like hotcakes. Promise you that. That's going to sell like hotcakes See what else we got here. We got here great freestyle. That was some solid freestyle. And i love that shit so one more time next week for an x t annex c. championship match carrying across taking on johnny gargano nfc championship. And then he got the annex. T breakout tournament match. Do cousin taken on. Ackman euro adam cole. Taken on collier riley main event. Good work good. Work has always From both men talk about given more than enough time These guys went almost half hour. So i mean are able to go in there and really really tell their fucking story Coal getting the dub. I don't have a problem with because he took the defeat in their other encounter saw. I'm actually okay with the way this match was booked and not for nothing o'reilly. As far as i was concerned he wasn't hurt in this match. By any means i mean he looked really damn strong Going up against adam cole. Here so Him losing to adam quote no problem no problem with it whatsoever Solloway to end the special great american bash edition of annex t. I just can't help a wonder..

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