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Hosts Jonathan Hood, Chris Blake and Adam Abdullah, the CCTV scoreboard on ESPN 1000. Let's take a look at the top 25 scoreboard in college football right now. Oklahoma of 14. Nothing I Kansas State With nine minutes left in the second quarter. Kentucky Auburn. It's 87 Tigers. Auburn with one point lead six minutes left in the second quarter of that contest. Florida Ole miss about this 14 all early in the second quarter nine minutes left in that one, Georgia Sothern and Louisiana. They're tied at seven with five minutes ofthe in the second quarter. Louisville and Pittsburgh. Pittsburgh leads 13 to 10 with seven minutes in the second quarter. You see at East Carolina closer than the experts think you see after leads 10 that's seven with two minutes left in the first quarter of that contest, as we keep our eyes on the top 25 scoreboard right here on Chicago's college tailgate. Editor with this for Chicago's College tailgate on ESPN, 1000 and the ESPN Chicago Have Jonathan Adam and Kris with you. Alabama will take on Missouri at six o'clock, Alabama heavy favorite. We'll see what happens here, not only in this game, but Throughout the season with the Crimson Tide. Our friend Mike Road Act from a l dot com joins us here covers the Crimson Tide like a blanket. He joins us on Chicago's college tailgate here on ESPN. 1000, Mike, Jonathan, Adam and Chris. Thanks so much for your time. Thanks for having me on want to get your thoughts before we talk about today's game. Just your overall thoughts on Alabama last season. What's that most about the Crimson Tide season? Yeah, I mean, they took some hits with injuries even before the season started. I mean, Dylan Moses, the pre season all American linebacker. Him going down really, really hurt him forced him into a spot where they start to freshmen and inside linebacker. Just never was Nick Saban's defense in terms of how you know Well, they're able to play and obviously the pls you in Auburn games really showed that 96 points combined. They went up in those games. It just it didn't have the same feel as those previous Alabama teen even as the offense was able to put points on the board, and then you add in the two injury or both of them to both to injuries later, dear. And that really hurt him, So I mean, they were still a very good team. It's just they weren't quite a same level as they've been used to. Mack Jones is going to quarterback this team thiss year and you know, with price young waiting in the wings. How is that played in Alabama? And do we see Bryce Young at some point this year in a non backup role? I would say it's probably less likely than I would've imagined. You know when the offseason first started, and when you're talking about the potential for bright young to have a spring season, the practices of the spring game and all that, and It's kind of gone away. I mean, they're still impressed with bright young, but I think they're they're Muchmore leaning toward having the known quantity in math Jones on the quarterbacks. I think it's going to take a really rough start to the season for us to see Bryce Young. By the end. I don't think it's a situation like No clubs and a couple years ago with Kelly Bryant. Everybody can't knew that. You know Trevor Laurence was going to start that year. I don't think it's quite at that level. I thinkit's a decent chance of Mack Jones may go The entire season, and I know they'll turn a bracing on next year. So if they like Mac, he's obviously not the same talent. That tool was the same talent that Bryce Young is expected to be. But He did a pretty good job for him last year mean other than the two pick sixes you through the Iron Bowl. You take those away and those were bad place on his part, but I mean, he performed pretty well for him last year, and I think they showed something that they didn't really expect to see from him and I think they believe that they can ride that. You know some extent this season. Like earlier on the show. We were talking about Lane Kiffin and old Miss and kind of how Kipping used Alabama to then promote himself onto his next head coaching job. When I look at the offense for the Crimson Tide, and Steve Sarkisian is the offensive coordinator. How has he fitted with Nick Saban and the Crimson Tide there in Tuscaloosa? Yeah, it's a good question. I wasn't here The first time. He was here as an analyst when he had just gotten fired from USC. And I think there was, you know some some consternation there at the end of his 10 year before he left for Falcons, But, you know, he seems like he's fit and well here. I mean, it's obviously easy when you have weapons of the ad last year to kind of run that Rto often Run it up tempo and put some big points on the board as it did last year, and it might be a little more of a challenge this year. I think they're going to tweak their offense backto a little bit more of the familiar You know, ground based Alabama game They love Naji harass their senior running back who decided to come back, and they have a lot of depth at that position. I think more depth at running back then they have it. Wide receiver having lost Jerry Beauty having lost Henry Rose still have potentially to all Americans and In jail in water and they Smith, but I think their strength is more along the offensive line. Running back to the point is You know, at past catcher, at least beyond the top, the top two guys there, So you know, I think Stark's going to turn back to more of a ground game, whether that elevates him to be a head coach or not remains to be seen. But I still think the overall job that he's done with Mack Jones. Is probably worthy of him getting back into a head coaching role he wants to. I think that's been made pretty clear, and I talked to a couple of his former assistant weeks ago, actually, and You know, they all think that he he's going to be a head coach soon. It's just a matter of finding the right opportunity. Had some interest in Colorado this offseason has some interest Mr State but ultimately decided to stay here, and I think he'll you know he'll have more jobs coming his way after this season. Micro Dack covers the Crimson tide for l dot com. He joins Johnson, Adam and Chris on Chicago's college tailgate on ESPN. 1000 of the ESPN Chicago APP, Mike, When you look at the Crimson Tide, I thank you. The three of us, including you would say that The tide would be the favorite in the West. But who's second who really stands.

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