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Made in America studios update on the local pool in nineteen numbers like sharp it's midnight on newsradio seven forty KT R. H. traffic and weather together here is William shot while what will replace south south loop it looks like this could be shut down until Monday September twenty eighth definitely so long to registration or not through there at this point time not causing major delays but that's an overall should take to get full definitely find an alternate one if you're driving us every single week he's been right there between two eighty eight and all in the technique of you doing some work on the faintly there until five AM I will trouble he Terry to go first with the second twenty four hour traffic center have a good stretch of weather unfolding force here in southeast Texas with cool high pressure down and north winds in our temperatures in the mid fifties for the overnight tonight sunshine Tuesday seventy two Wednesday partly cloudy high seventy three upper seventies Thursday I meteorologist Scott Laurie more the weather channel fifty eight clear the K. T. R. H. top tax defenders twenty four hour weather center it's twelve what our top story is to measure Mister Turner reports one hundred fifteen new cases of covert nineteen within the city limits that's along with two more deaths the total deaths include a Hispanic woman in her nineties with underlying health conditions and African American man in his seventies with underlying health conditions a total of eighteen Houstonians have died due to the complications from corona virus but every county reported six deaths related to covert nineteen amenities fifties who lived in the border area he died at a home and later tested positive for covered nineteen overall the different county reports fifteen new cases of code nineteen since Saturday for a total of two hundred sixty six the county also reports eighty recoveries Galveston county reported snide covered.

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