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But that term comes in many flavors witness, the Hillary Clinton Bernie Sanders. Primaries had 2016 Beccles supported Sanders and ultimately supported green party candidate, Jill Stein, in the November election wicks supported Hillary Clinton that differences apparent in some of the endorsements Beckles has support from. The Sierra Club service, employees international union, the California teachers association and the California nurses association. Support from Planned Parenthood as well as Barack Obama Gavin Newsom and Kamala Harris the difference between the candidates shows up perhaps most clearly and their positions on proposition. Ten a statewide initiative to repeal Kosta Hawkins and gift cities more power to create local control ordinances and to China parents on KPFA's program. Upfront wicks said she supports rent control. But not pop ten and there's been concerns raised that, you know, if this passes, it could have an unintended consequence of exacerbating, our housing crisis because it could help the new construction of homes, and that's a position that the CPI shares as well as the building trades. Labor unions, Ivanka Beccles, disagrees. I support ten because I believe the is too damn high people are being displaced from their communities communities are becoming unstable. And so I support it wholeheartedly. The candidates also disagree in their approach to climate change. Beckel says she's disappointed with governor Jerry Brown's approach and wants faster action, for example, speeding up to transition two zero emissions. We don't have time for incremental policies that is is is moving us towards the destruction of of this planet. That's why I. I will I strongly support banning fracking all new oil drilling, I strongly support banning coal transport. These these bond trains that are going through our communities is incredibly hazardous Buffy wicks says she supports Jerry Brown's approach to cap and trade, so she wants amendments to give more power to local governments. But I do think this the cap and trade system is a step in the right direction. I think there's more that we have to do thirty nine percent of our greenhouse gas comes out of our cars. So this is also I support transit oriented housing to get us out of our cars and into public transportation. I support one hundred I support anything that allows for increased renewable energy and decrease fossil fuels the candidates also disagree on single payer healthcare, both candidates support it, but they want to move at different speeds wicks wants to focus on protecting ObamaCare, at least until the next presidential election. Until we get a president in a post twenty twenty environment. When we get president khama Harris or Cory Booker Kirsten gillibrand Radner president that we can work with we will need to do something because the federal government requires a waiver to the tune of two hundred billion dollars for us to enact single payer healthcare. And I don't think Donald Trump is going to give that to us. So in the meantime, let's make sure our system here works. Well, let's put a public option on the exchange that way, and in two thousand twenty environment, we can then actually work with the federal government and create a single payer system here. So that everyone can have the access and the health care that they deserve in the state Beckles one single payer healthcare in California as soon as possible. So I will fight I will move towards a Medicare for all single payer healthcare system that takes profit out of the out of the service of of people. That's why I believe that as in California. We can do that charter schools is another issue where the candidates have different emphases wicks. What's more accountability for charter schools and an end to for profit charters Beccles wants a complete moratorium on charter schools that she says are sucking the lifeblood out of public schools, whichever candidate wins assembly district. Fifteen will get a liberal Democrat. Whether the new assembly member is more of a Sandra style, social democrat or a Clinton style. Lifelong progressive democrat is up to voters on the state capital beat. I'm Christopher Martinez. Bell tolled forty four times in Santa Rosa's courthouse square yesterday twenty four times for each of this Anoma county residents who died in last year's wildfires. Twenty times for those who died in the fires in Mendocino Napa and Yuba counties officials organized chalk art for public expressions of grief and a reading by sonoma's county, poet, Maya Khosla, the chalk art activity continued today until six o'clock at courthouse square, California. Fire officials say PG power lines are to blame for a blaze in Yuba county that killed four people and injured a firefighter last year. Cal fire to PG sagging power lines were hit with strong winds, creating an electric arc that sent molten material into dry vegetation below. It was one of several wildfires that swept through northern California last October ultimately killing forty four people. Destroying more than five thousand homes. State officials say insured, damages alone topped nine billion dollars and P genie could be liable for the bulk of it fire. Investigators have blamed PG equipment for twelve wildfires last year and wine country in eight blazes. Cal fire. Investigators said they found evidence of violations of state, law and forwarded the findings to county. Prosecutors the findings add to the growing financial liability of PG any over wildfires in the state last week it agreed to pay one point five million dollars to Butte county to avoid misdemeanor. Criminal charges. After Cal fire determined downed power lines cost three wildfires in the region. The private utility faces dozens of lawsuits from insurers that have spent billions of dollars settling claims from Homer's PG any equipment has been blamed for starting the thirteen wildfires last year. The utility is told shareholders. Expects to pay more than two point five billion dollars in damages. Cal fire hasn't determined fault for the tubs fire the most destructive in state history. It destroyed thousands of homes and killed twenty two people in cinema county PG he spent millions of dollars in an eleventh-hour lobbying effort at the end of the California legislative session and a failed attempt to change a law that would.

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