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O'Neil, the kfbk Afternoon news on news 93.1 kfbk now trending Let's head to our kids. K newsroom for Brody Fernandez giddy President Trump participating in his town hall event. Miami, Florida right now, with NBC moderator Savannah Guthrie, making it clear where he stands on more stimulus relief for Americans. Ready to side. Up. Here we go. Pelosi, we are ready to sign on past civility. Yeah. He again said that he went on to say that if him and Nancy Pelosi come to an agreement on stimulus, then Senate Republicans will follow. All right. Thanks. Brody and also California's largest wildfire is now 77% contained. Cal Fire reports. The August complex fire has destroyed 54 structures since it broke out Now the fire is scorched over 1.2 million acres, which Classifies it as a giga fire. Now the West Zone has burned 140 acres but is now 100% contained. We also to fire earlier in Oroville, and it did include some evacuations, but Unfortunately, that was contained rather quickly. And we are going to also take a look at this Well, this dueling town hall. It was supposed to be a debate tonight. But instead President Donald Trump and Democratic challenger Joe Biden are each now participating in televised town hall separately. Keep case. Joe Michaels is live in studio with more kiddy. Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden is pushing for a return to a bipartisan spirit in the nation's capital, Biden, suggesting that cooperation has been nearly impossible during the Trump administration, the former VP calling President Trump vindictive, vowing to restore independence at the Justice Department, Biden suggested that Trump seems the department does his personal law firm. Asked about the likely confirmation to the Supreme Court of Amy Cockney Barrett, the Democratic candidate for president, saying her confirmation threatens the future of healthcare for working Americans. Healthcare overall is very much in jeopardy is a consequence of the president's going to go directly. After this election directly to the Supreme Court within a month to try to get Obama care wiped out after we've already 10 million people already lost their insurance from the employer and wants a 20 million people out of the system is well plus 100 million people with pre existing conditions. A lot of steak. Meanwhile, President Trump says he will accept a peaceful transfer of power if he loses in November. He says all he wants to see is an honest election. But I wanted to be an honest election. And.

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