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What is that is like, so, you know, like, you have officers mess in you have like the regulars and like so chiefs in above in the navy and east Xs in the Marine Corps to would go like have like several mess hall, basically whenever you're eating like on a ship at they would actually be served the officers go through in get their shit from like a receiving line. You will like you would at a they actually get their meals like brought to them. Okay. All right. I know I don't hate it. I'm reading about general Krulak right now than reading his foot for like a thousand years now, but he was one of the top military officers it during especially during the Vietnam war by that. He was the three star. But he liked to take off his rank and mix. Amongst the men of the child hall and get the vibe for morale. How was the food? What's going on like he was like very much in in that such bullshit? Like everybody knows. It's general crew can be wearing a fucking dildo on his head because he was five foot three. So he really. Same thing. Like whenever you have these the comment. Remember the comment released video doing like the CFC's like I just wanna get out here and be with the marines. It just be true to like one of the nobody's trading like your fucking regular when you have four stars on your collar. You don't have to even be wearing the collar. You could be wearing nothing. You could be. But asked naked everybody's still salute. You not to mention I mean, you've earned the right to not be treated that way. As if you're just some normal soldier, normal marine. Yeah. Bullets. Several days. Like, I feel like I think that you go about your normal business. There is this really it's like fucking kernels who do at the most with general level officers who are just all up on the generals dick because they want the next Bill and things like that. I almost a real up fresh story alert I'll throw up whenever I was at Lackland. We're doing this demonstration for the combat tracker dots combat tracker dogs get track people up two miles away. Even if they get in a car like because they pick up on. It was the section that. I was in charge of when I was like almost done my time at Lackland. So we had an air force general thick I'm pretty sure it was the chief of staff come out, and we were doing it. They wanted to see the demonstration even in the rain 'cause we were like all about like, we could do this if it's raining snowing wherever we can do this tracking demonstration. So the general wanted to come out and see it. It was raining. A colonel. Was holding an umbrella of the chief of staff head and when I saw it. I was just like you little bitch. Like, why would you do that all Gerald? Fuck it. Why do you even need an umbrella? First of all you're still in uniform sound like us in class as or some shit. He's still in uniform getting an umbrella health Orem. Date is a very this is like the third store you've told, of course of cvt or some sort of umbrella has triggered you. Yeah. Chapel never use an umbrella. That's dad is a big time promise that I'm willing to make to the listeners right now. If you see me, this is a make a monetary promise. If you see me out in the streets with an umbrella, I will VIN mo- you one thousand dollars..

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