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Use promo code the blaze for thirty percent off. Len. I want to kind of explore the the the idea that Americans now have to be parents, not only in their own home. But for those in the media and those in Washington what I saw yesterday and the way people were behaving with Jim Acosta and the president they both were little children, quite honestly, I'm not going to make excuses for Donald Trump. But I thought he was the better of the two by far in this case, but I have two children. I have a son and a daughter, and they're always fighting with each other. You know, and they're always I know both of them. I know that she is always needling him and always tattle tailing and always trying to get him into trouble. He is also just like, you know. My sister, drives me nuts. And he would he loses his temper sometimes we'll that's what we have a cost is my daughter needling, the president all the time just trying to get him into trouble gay just trying to be the big dog and the president lost his temper yesterday. And I have no problem because I think he held it for a very long time as we said yesterday, I think he held it for a very long time. But the two of them need to knock it off. But it's not even a cost. It's CNN that should be ashamed. The president revoked his credentials. But I'm having a hard time with this. Because I don't believe that. I don't want the president to be able to pick who's covering him, you know, and just revoked credentials. I don't like that. However, what was the president supposed to do you can't live like this? But here's where here's where it really breaks down in society because half of us are saying Jimmy Kosta. He's a hero and half of us are saying the president is a hero. We're both. We're acting like bad parents. We know both sides when we're alone with each other not in public. But when I'm alone with bunch of really hardcore Trump supporters when nobody's listening. They will say I hate the way the tweet things I hate all of that. But you know, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, same thing. The other side, I think I hope that they are saying yet CNN's out of out of control. I'm not sure because I don't have that. I well, I don't have a lot of lefty friends, but I do have a lot of democratic friends, and they're sick of it as well. We have to stop choosing sides. We have to say when Twitter are saw this last night. Oh, so you're against a a cost us or what's his name costs us. You're against a cost us. Oh, you're just excusing Trump. No said, so is it. It's like children, I'm dealing with you right now. I'll talk to your brother alone. I'm talking about. What you did? I don't care what he did. And it's so frustrating, but there's another level. And if you look at Jonathan height, and we're going to talk about this on radio, hopefully tomorrow, Jonathan height says that there are six moral foundations and the six moral foundations liberals now remember, he's a liberal progressive liberals. You'd say that about himself now. But he was when he started research for this book, he was so he says liberals have three moral foundations, and they are care, fairness and liberty. We have conservatives have six we have those three. But then we also have loyalty we have respect for authority, and I'm trying remember what the la- and sacredness or. Can't remember what he calls it? But you know, is there nothing sacred. That's where the spring down is coming down in our conversations because all they're talking about. Now is liberty. They wanna say. It's my dogs with me because we had to put his best friend down on Monday. So he's kind of said he's very curious about the campaign goes, so he's so he's just kind of hanging out with me at work. But. We can't talk to each other. Because all they want to do is talk about liberty and the president should do you should do this. Well, we wanna talk about a thority. It's the president. You asked your question. You just kept going. We have to have some order. So we're just talking over each other..

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