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NPR I'm guy rise coming up area of life where you want to improve you just can't figure out how to change your decisions are be better be happier and healthier what's the and how you can use that knowledge to change for the better this episode how to be better first this news live from NPR news in Washington I'm Jeanine herbs Ortiz continue to investigate to deadly shootings in less than fourteen hours the left at least twenty nine people dead dozens of others injured in Dayton Ohio police are searching for a motive in an attack early this morning on a busy street that left nine people dead and more than twenty injured as April Leslie of member station W. Y. SO reports police say a twenty four year old white man opened fire outside a bar in the city's downtown district your body armor your protection and a mask he carried out the attack with a two twenty three caliber rifle purchased online police say the man drove downtown with his sister was later killed in the shooting the police officers on a routine patrol of the area shot and killed the suspect less than a minute after the attack began the majority of the victims were black teen police chief Richard Beal says officials so far have no evidence to suggest the shooting was a hate crime in a suggestion at this time a mode of would be responsible we do not have sufficient information to answer the question everyone wants to know why in assistance center has been set up for victims and their families for NPR news on April Leslie meanwhile in el Paso Texas the district attorney is pursuing the death penalty against the twenty one year old white man charged with killing twenty people at a crowded Walmart yesterday and here's Martin Costi has more from el Paso the DA's office has already filed papers warning the suspect he faces capital murder charges which makes him eligible for the death penalty that decision is welcome by el Paso resident Christy latoya out for lunch in a mall just down the highway from the scene of the massacre yeah I mean you said the cause of community up and just for nature crime like that nice very sad was very tragic the police chief says the suspect has been cooperative and it looks increasingly likely that he wrote the twenty three hundred word anti Hispanic manifesto that was posted to the internet right before the shootings federal authorities are contemplating domestic terrorism charges too Martin Costi NPR news el Paso Arron says it's seized another tanker in the Persian Gulf and is detaining at seven crew members and here's Peter Kenyon reports Tehran claims the tanker was smuggling you'll the state run news agency quotes the revolutionary guard corps is saying the tanker was carrying nearly a hundred and eighty five thousand gallons of fuel that it claims was being smuggled quote for some Arab countries transported cured in the Gulf has been an issue for months following the seizure by British forces of an Iranian tanker new to broader which the U. K. said was bound for Syria last month Iran seized the British flag tanker stand in pero claiming it collided with a fishing vessel London is rejected the notion of releasing the Iranian tanker in exchange for terror on releasing the British vessel tensions escalated as the U. S. boosted its military presence in the Gulf Peter Kenyon NPR news is double and you're listening to NPR news from Washington this is W. NYC in New York I'm lance lucky governor Andrew Cuomo says president trump's racially charged rhetoric has inflamed the tensions and divisions that have long existed in the country president trump has been cited the division and it boy did that division and uses the division politically Cuomo spoke today on New York one a racist screed posted allegedly by the gunman in el Paso stated the shooting was in response to the court invasion of Hispanics coming across the border in March president trump said people who commit acts of violence in the name of white supremacy are part of a small group of people that have very very serious problems today trump tweeted hate has no place in our country and we're going to take care of it a New York lawmaker says he'd like to see the state's DMV to adopt a new requirement for driving tests state senator John Lou says it's not enough that it's illegal to open a car door on safely into oncoming traffic a practice calmly notice during that can be particularly dangerous to oncoming cyclists Lou says he would support including the Dutch reach technique in driver's ed in a driver's road test if you want to pull out of a parking spot you can't simply look in the rear view mirror you literally have to physically look over your shoulder to make sure that there's no oncoming traffic the same should be true and required for opening the door so for this year to cyclists in New York City have been killed in Doering related incidents large group insurers are now required to cover all medically necessary mammograms for women aged thirty five to thirty nine in New York state governor Cuomo signed legislation making the change Friday under current law many insurance companies are only required to cover mammograms for women older.

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