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To employees. Took a photograph with this ever head of Robert page that was the gentleman that was found murdered by his neighbor. This -membered. By his next door neighbor. Christian Martinez start with malice murder in connection with the death. And then you got some of the folks over at the gbi, I. Medical examiner. They have their own medical staff de to do octuplets, and they took a hit a picture with the man severed head. Ended up on. In a net and everywhere else who does that really the ethics of your job? Suggests. I mean, what you would did you? What were you gonna put that picture is like people who take pictures at funerals? I've never understood that either. Do it all the time apparent Yellen? Have no problem would. I'm just like where you going to put a picture on the mantel, and they'll go you standard around grandma. Do you get to grant you? I mean, what what what are their pitch? Ultimately end up at. I'm just I'm just saying if all the all who do that. I mean, what do you want to pick it up? And really, I don't know if you sit that like in the living room into bedroom. What did you put that? What you stand in next. Ramon laid out so nice and hands crossed and everything. I don't know where you put the picture four eight nine two two seven zero three. Let's go to Sean in AT L, though, Sean, how are you? Hey, what's going on, man? I'm doing very well, brother. How 'bout yourself? Man, not too bad. And that's bad. I was going to touch base with you on that a the. Yeah. Do you have one good? No, we'll go down the ship, which Sean. Yes. Absolutely. I got to. Got to now what make your duty duty up for -delity when tested by even the possibility of going to jail that they wouldn't fail. You. I believe it's hereditary. I believe that. The way you were raised in your jeans. Built a certain way and. The only reason I mean like you get the coin. The only reason why he's probably. Going back against Trump is because Trump went back to that's the only reason why all before then he was descending. Trump to the best movie. Take a further do. Sending them to the death. So like, I believe it's it's hereditary and Terry. That's what I think. I I you know, if me. Brozi we together we get caught up, right? Hey, we don't we don't. We don't ride it altogether. Don't read it out together. Now. Now, I would not ever I wouldn't ever talk. I wouldn't put nobody up just to say myself though. That's just the. Soul that I had experience we wouldn't do that. I mean look here. Now, Sean, you know, you got four year we can get down to oh, you got to do it till of what part of your boy played in. Wouldn't do? Ten code down like a soldier. Yeah. I wouldn't do it. Now. You said you thank you gotta the one or two data do that for you. I got to know. We'll do it. Okay. I got to know what I would do it. Because y'all y'all Jong friends is what what makes you know, that is it the balance of the time y'all been together some yellow done together. A what makes you know, these two out of probably I mean average person probably have about ten to fifteen people. They deal with on a regular basis. That's probably had number. But I know they have you know, you probably have about eight nine people that you can't have in their circle quite a bit. Now of the eight nine ten that. You might have did would go to move would check and football game us the two of them. You know, for sure it wouldn't go now with them if they had to drop a dime on you. Or you had dropped one on. Like, they'll still if there's something arises where like I had to hide out somewhere. I got the call only to be like come on. I got you. Wow. Holy. Count yourself. Very lucky brother. You got to let your very lucky lucky for man now. You're very lucky, man. Bob, Tom drowsy up you keep it one hundred which are one of my book called me. Look, I don't see you own the new thing. I probably would now thinking about now Mattel you now deja now, look, Sean work come on over here. Have you fold dropped you whatever? But man when you get here. Now, we got to fire your Turney and call the police. Yeah. I've been hijacked all the, you know, all Samo we get. But I dated night. We got big I we're going to resolve this thing right here. That's good. Hi, I appreciate you. Go for eight nine two two seven zero perhaps a year. Komo no here, man. When you get here. Now, I'm telling you. WBZ whatever you got to do. But we probably go had figure this out. Is that is that going friend enough? But are you telling me you won't hide out over here? All some along or something. I don't know. Let's go. Let's go to let's go to Kim online. Foreign midtown Kim. Hey, there are you? Happy holidays to you. Are you? Pretty good. Pretty good. Just navigating this Atlanta traffic, it is something to navigate. So be safe as it is. I was prompted to call you when you spoke about the funeral near. You were very eloquent tacky me to take a semi. I asked about a couple of years ago. Doing. I just. Megacity? I'd be like what what do you do with the pick? Yeah. Afterwards. I I don't know why I remember one of my sorority sisters funerals that she was a prominent member and people were taking pictures like, hey, I'm miss such as in. Now in the funeral Rodway have taken a pitch at a crowd something. Longtemps by taken pick up by the next to the casket at that. But I also can me I also don't like it when somebody else was announced your family member. Yeah. You know, like, oh, I heard that. Yeah. I just feel like is there place to do is. I'm like. Your family. The one on. I don't need you to now anything is what all my family, and now because of this stuff you're talking about I I'm really good to put a line in a funeral program might know, social media, no cameras. Now. I mean, it was just like man, you know, is like everybody wanted to be a Kim. You know, I won't be like a wreath a Franklin. Live streamed, and you know, those of us when you have people that importer that people want to see who's going to be there. And I guess it's no different than big from big, mama. People won't see you there that I just don't get it. The the, you know livestream and my big, mama. Let me just say that right now. You know, but I don't I don't get famous people celebrities. Different story, you know, regular people the family probably just want some privacy, and you by late that I just I just am offended by anybody that would decide on their own. And they gotta take that from you. I am. I hear you loud and clear and may perfect. But I tell you I think I did show couple of years ago. Let's we got about third Miller. If you take. Funeral. No way. You. At vir. Verbal verbal. I can see that. I don't know. I'm I don't know. I mean, now they happen social media. Why? And I know what we're saying celebrities. Yes, average people. But here's the thing about that. Big mama was celebrity to you. So that may be somebody who wants see big mama funeral. Do you think that more we ask shop?.

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