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Cloudy, low eighteen mostly sunny tomorrow, high thirty four that's why AM News. Now. I'm Dan Martin. When one of your major home appliances stops working you want someone with experience to fix it. Bill and Joe Henderson at master Tak have been taking care of people in Ann Arbor and the surrounding communities since nineteen seventy eight at master tech appliance. They service nearly every appliance making model washers. Dryers, refrigerators, freezers, dishwashers ranges, air, conditioners, and more master tech handles both residential and commercial work. And always solves the problem. Their technicians are friendly knowledgeable and on time. Call seven three four six six two zero six four one that's seven three four six six two zero six four one or toll free eight hundred sixty six three zero three thirty one. You can also visit master tech appliance dot com. Online master tax federal boulevard. One block off stadium near the Ann Arbor post office service hours daily, eight thirty AM defy EM. Master tech, appliance technicians who care servicing appliances throughout washtenaw, Livingston and west. Wayne county. Hi, this is Keith from Lewis jewelers. I want to take this moment to thank all of our clients. We have served hundreds have taken the time to share their experience with a review, and it's truly humbling. You've made us the top talked about jeweler in Ann Arbor. The top jeweler in Washington county and one of the most widely reviewed jewelers in the state of Michigan. It is always an honor to play a role in your life journey. Call me now seven three four eight two two sixteen hundred. I'm gonna bottom line this. I wasn't going to do this. But I am. Cut right to the chase. I I really think what would you do need to get a ballot initiative? Welcome back to my radio program. You can now get yesterday's show up on their own dot com..

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