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It threatened you over the phone that you recognize. The voice wasn't I I don't know it was the same voice that called bird at the office and more than before he was run down by that card killed which it on hold wise. Just can't please don't mean that. Sounds like an okay Janet. Okay just take these sit out here. Sigrid sorry sorry Johnny. I guess it's just been too much for a gallon. Sure I don't doubt it. I thought when I bought a few drinks tonight should be able to come back here and sleep and forget what happened. Forget about Bert being killed because he held up the claim on the Jolly Roger because he sent for you. That's why they're threatening you to. How Johnny be careful and you have no idea who they is. Of course I do the same idea. You have the manual jolly Roger before she burned and sank policy nagging. Just how much do you know about some again? Only what told me was an international crook? Gunrunners spy shipping magnate international troublemaker. Yeah just about as welcome. Any decent country of this world is the plate. Didn't want to ensure the jolly Rogers inappropriate name. All right if ever there was an international pirate bone go on June to ensure it one hundred and sixty thousand dollars wooden hull and all but he had to. South Western is a small company. Johnny and the premium two years premium and advance too much detained down. So that was the clincher. Needed it so much but then it burned and sank when they submitted the claim the negative. And Self yes. Johnny was Paula Senigon himself. Who bought the policy and he made? The claim demanded immediate payment. When Bert decided to hold up. Until you come out here and investigator warnings and the so-called accident children yes wanting me new johnny. Why don't you give this up whereas now here in San Diego the Larchmont and you're sure it wasn't he who called you tonight. Who called burden warned him? I'm sure I would have known these voices accent Johnny. I'm frightened one in the Air India bedroom and sleep no sleeping pill whenever you like but get some sleep look. There's nothing we can do tonight and that'd be plenty for us to do tomorrow. Stay Right here on the SOFA. I've got this any kind of a gun. No Johnny on. I'll go on in their lock. Your windows close the drapes and get some sleep. That's orders all right good night. Johnny slept better than I did. Expense account item seven ninety cents taxi to police headquarters first thing in the morning. I spent a solid hour talking with detective. Sergeant Joe Franklin. Yes they were working on the hit. Run Death Bird Parker knoll. They hadn't come up with any leads. All he knew was that birdied left is office late short cutting his way through an led where his car was parked had been knocked down when he reached the end of the alley. No witness no tire marks nothing. They've questioned Jan Penny about possible enemies and come up with the same answers. I did but no evidence item eight taxi to the larchmont where the desk clerk announced my arrival to the penthouse suite. Covene means I've been waiting for you to call on me terribly. This testing news about your colleague. Mr Parker I feel she downs in town room to tell me sir. Have they found any clue as to who ran down and kill the poor man? Oh you know that. He died last night or Jason Cars within a few minutes of when it happened. But was Sergeant Franklin able to give you know inkling of who might have done it. Do not look surprised. My boy I not only know of your visit to police headquarters this morning but everything else you have done since your arrival here in San Diego. That's very interesting. Mr Sonny in did but I I'm sure the reason for it is very obvious. Isn't of course my friend? Of course I-IN depending on you to see that. Prompt payment of my insurance Julia Roger is made after all. That is the only reason for your being sent here. Therefore I feel is my obligation to see that nothing happens you that you are given say adequate protection during the time you are here acting in. Bihar's again before I have made a trustee man responsible for watching you at all times during your stay. I suppose that's just a polite way of saying that you've had somebody tanning me since I got here. Oh by the way a lovely goad me penny isn't she and she was so devoted to Mr Parker terrible shock to her. She's death your solicitude to hurry to be highly come in new relatives and things but now let us get down to the business at hand. Yeah let's the loss of the judge came at the most inopportune moment my crew. We're testing some new equipment in preparation for a somewhat lengthy trip abroad. When the accident occurred they sent her to the bottom out near the Coronado islands. Just what kind of an accident was it like? Oh Oh forgive me dear man. I forget you have not yet contacted because God for the details of the whole affair. That's right but I am certain new widow. So why should I bore you with information? You will only have to hear all over again from them. Suffice it to say that the loss of my beautiful yacht well due to some mechanical failure to speak something with the electrical system. I believe it was but my point is simply that I must have settlement of my clean without delay so that I can leave the United States as soon as possible for. Where do you mind on? Of course I don't I but Y bore you with my Bush affairs so urging these might need for immediate settlement. That can only remind you that I am a most generous person which is say I can assure your ample reward for anything. You may do to expedite payment to me. I'm sorry Mattia Sir. I'm sorry I've seen to monopolize the conversation. Let's stop around. The Bush and Insurance claim. Four hundred sixty thousand dollars is invested in any event. Bret Barker seemed to think there was something wrong with this claim he said so. Apparently it cost him his life. The same threats that were made to him have been passed onto a secretary. Jan Penny to me and if that doesn't make a whole case smell too high. Now you're trying to bribe me to make a quick settlement. So Mr if I weren't suspicious of the whole thing before you can believe me I am now. I deal with your reputation for millions. Should be in such a hurry to get his hands on a few hundred thousand. I don't know but if I were you I'd sit back very quietly and prepare for a long wait to see if you get it at all. Oh how unfortunate this attitude for you at threat due boy that I simply thinking of how much easier it could be for you and of cars profitable. Perhaps you will change your mind not a chance then sir. Since settlement of by claim seems to rest entirely on your shoulders and..

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