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Say me. I wanted to jump right into I like to have some fun question who are some of your Idols as a kid. Did you look up to I know you're a little bit on the younger side, but I don't know if you fall in like Bobby or or or a boar or any of the current players like Patrice Bergeron. Do you have any female athletes that you looked up to who were some of your athletes ours that got you so close on Sports at such a young age. Yeah, I think we always talk about like if you can see it you can be it and like growing up. I was like I want to play in NHL. That's all we really kind of like had and I grew up like watching the Bruins. So like I grew up watching Patrice Bergeron and Milan Lucic in Chara and off like Tim Thomas and like all of those like Bruins players and I think that I like love the Bruins growing up and those were my like those were my role models but then wage as I got older and older and and like in middle school and end of elementary school and high school. I was like, I started seeing females in and seeing them play and I was like, oh I want to go to prep school. I want to go play college hockey and that's when I think some college hockey players like marie-philip Poulin like she played a few and she's on Team Canada and she was like abused are and just juice. Such a great leader and then I think but from the USA side like Contra Granado and like Meghan Duggan and all like a j like those those women were really big role models to for me and followed hockey and played Sports and my parents started the high school team in our town. And so I think like my family was such a great motivation for me in a model. So I was so lucky to be put into such a healthy environment with my family. So I have to give them a lot of credit to love that. You had a lot of female influence around you before you get into her Sports. I think that is super cool because usually you hear people say, oh I love watching Bob you are I love watching Patrice Bergeron, which of course we all love me laughing says well, but I love you had such a strong female influence, Indiana. I kind of wanted her to ask this quick question. You you had a what is your question? I love again having fun with our special guest bath. So what I want to know little off topic, but also going to be hilarious. What is your what was your childhood Crush? I need to know some back story on you childhood Crush my childhood celebrity crash. I mean, I like always watch like Ryan Gosling and like Bradley Cooper like they were so cute. But now like I love country singers..

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