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You know, as long as guys aren't abusing it, which I think everybody stays up pretty good with it. Now, in celebrity boxing news, Lamar Odom is fighting the fake Drake. He's the guy. He's the guy that actually dresses up like Drake, and he goes to club saying he's drank. They call him Drake. Because he's great. Who do you think wins this fight? The fake Drake or Lamar Odom. I'm gonna go with Lamar Odom. Yeah. Have you ever trained with him? No, not another chair would have never met him. But that's funny that he's boxing. Everybody wants to be a fighter nowadays. Well, Lamar's two and O, he beat Aaron Carter and then he did. And then he beat one of J.Lo's first husbands. So he's two and zero. And now he's fighting the fake trade. So bad. That's funny. The nsync way, right? And then that was the brother of the guy in the Backstreet Boys. But he's a big man. Your boy band's right. Yeah, but he didn't even make the cut. He's the brother of the boy. Yeah, well, I mean, Michael's more of a B two K guy. Now, Brian Ortega versus Rodriguez this week, who do you think wins? I'm excited about that. I think Ortega wins. He seems like he only has issue with guys that are champions. Yeah. Yeah. He's beating everybody else. So, you know, I see him winning that submission of course I'm leaning towards that at some point in the fight. Now, when I saw you, you were on crutches. You had both knees amputated or something. Like, you were completely fucked up. And he's like, don't tell anyone. I had to take a picture from the waist up because he didn't want anyone knowing that his legs were he was in a wheelchair. How did you recover from that? What was wrong with you? That was when I was getting ankle surgery and knee surgery. And the, I was going through all that recovery phase. You know that's what you saw me leading up into all these fights. That's why I wanted a quick turnaround. That's what I wanted to get back to fight. And that's why this decision lost things so bad because I had such a long layoff I took two time to finally get healthy and I felt like I was really getting back in a groove and you know you won that fight. Shouldn't stand bro honestly as a big brother to you, okay? 'cause I've been around this game for a while. You won that fight, okay? No one gives a fuck about the win losses anymore. Everyone's gonna remember you won that fight. Plus you have a lot you have a lot of losses. So what's one more for real? Honestly. One more is still sucks. I don't even like seeing it. Especially one that I do that I knew I won. But yeah, nobody thinks that. It was white privilege, bro they gave it to the guy. Oh, man. It was.

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