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Thank mayoclinic big. Knocker bill maurice who joined us in the five. Andre patterson vikings defensive coordinator who joined us in the four and ben lieber who joined us in the three lots of vikings discussion early middle and late as well. Tomorrow is Johnny athletic day among other things. John athletic week for us with the thanksgiving of course on thursday. And then we're both off on friday for different reasons. Scarred jimmy working or on his way to madison i will be think going to get the The tree more on that later in the week on some controversy surrounding exactly that best of popcorn. I always available to you. Vikings rewind tonight and then. It'll be monday night. Football good matchup rams at tampa bay tampa bay as As well Cnbc tweet. i'll just read it. President trump is worried that his campaigns legal team which is being led by his personal lawyer. Rudy giuliani is comprised of quote fools. That are making him look bad on. Excuse me i. It's a legitimate concern. Alert the media lindbergh or would that be genie out of bottle or maybe a little bit of both. Just just makes me laugh. It's just. I'm just mainly concerned about me. Chocolate concluded or is he just earned about it. He thinks it's making him look back because we're up to him. He wouldn't look that bad. But these clowns who presumably he hired or who he agreed to them look but he'd look a lot better without them at a time. Had no idea it's over now a couple more Challenges lost in court. It sounds like they're transition michigan's declared so they say Not by the fbi in the pudding is danny green. one set. Enjoy the rest of your monday night. We'll talk tomorrow. Three were zoomed facetime tweeted and posted. Heck you've learned to and go. It's safe to say you can use a change of scenery. Abandon the beltway escape home for the holidays to a place where mountain views and warm apple cider said the mood so come on down. Make yourself at home. It's miles away from your new everyday. Discover winchester virginia. Where social distancing has never brought us closer visit winchester. Va dot com..

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