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Being a jury find a defendant Kyle aged red House not guilty The 18 year old always maintained he killed two men and injured a third and self defense last year during social justice protests in Kenosha the prosecution claimed rittenhouse went to the city to provoke violence I'm Jim Forbes The CDC director is endorsing the use of COVID-19 vaccine boosters for all adults doctor Rochelle Walensky gave her blessing hours after the CDC's vaccine advisers voted unanimously to recommend booster shots of both Pfizer and Moderna's vaccines Three students are in the hospital after a shooting in the parking lot of a Colorado high school police say a school resource officer at hinckley high school in aurora responded to the shooting Friday and returned fire that officer also applied a tourniquet to one of the victims who was shot aurora police chief Vanessa Wilson says investigators are working to determine whether any of the students who were shot were the attacker And the American Music Awards happened this weekend the 49th annual edition of the awards is Sunday at the Microsoft theater in Los Angeles Cardi B hosts the awards event that honors excellence in music I'm Brad Siegel President Biden is upholding a long-standing White House tradition by pardoning a Turkey before Thanksgiving He opened a rose garden event by promising to talk Turkey Biden said the names peanut butter and jelly were selected for two turkeys for the event Peanut butter got the official pardon while jelly is just an understudy Both birds will live out their lives at Purdue university in Indiana Jimmy Hoffa's remains could be in a Jersey City New Jersey landfill Liz Warner has more from New York That's the latest in the decades long search for answers following the notorious disappearance of the former union boss in 1975 The New York Post reporting the FBI investigated a former landfill underneath the pulaski skyway last month possibly acting on a deathbed tip from a man who said hoffa's remains were buried there The agency has not confirmed details with this just one of several theory circulating around hoffa whose disappearance prompted countless investigations and has featured prominently in the Martin Scorsese film the Irish man State officials say Florida's employers added more than 44,000 jobs last month Rick hoschel has a look at the numbers The added jobs helped drive the states unemployment rate down two tenths of a percent from September to 4.6% Governor Ron DeSantis office says October was the 18th consecutive month of private sector job growth with a number of positions increasing by 5.7% over the past year unemployment range from a low of two and a half percent in Monroe county to a high of 6.3%.

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