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Um it's one thing to write down which are goals aren't i see my goal here it's two hundred like here lemme this is this is the posted enough that says two hundred fifty thousand emails and i hope you heard that if not that would have been kind of just weird silence but if you right down your goal that's one thing to actually implement and work backwards from that goal with numbers uh is an is is what's gonna actually get you there show what became motivation for me at the beginning of the year later on in the year became sort of de motivation because i saw this number that i was driving ford i saw that novic lee it was going to be the impossible for me to get that i or nearly impossible unless some dramatic change happened i really excited because next year being more laser focused with the lead magnets that we have and how they get pushed into the content that i'm coming out with um that's another thing i've been getting inspired by a people like amy porterfield who in most of her pockets episode she's promoting a very relevant lead magnet that's helping her bill to her list she was featured in a podcast episode he s p i which was one of the most popular of this year i'm definitely the most popular one was two sixty three with klay collins but episode to seventy eight with amy where she talked about lists building uh that one was really important so we can all check that out obviously the links will be in the show notes smart passive income dot com slash session to ninety seven but before we wrap up here um i do want to say that like i said lead manet's are going.

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