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Kick because once you recognize the pitch that determines how quickly you're going to get that foot down, If you see the Hump in the pitch out of the hand and it's a breaking ball. You're not gonna get it down as quickly but if you do, get it down, you're just hoping you don't slide forward your hands stay back and you still have a chance to get it. Big swinging a foul back to stay alive. Remind me what was your Front leg leg kick situation When you were heading in the big leagues Now it really went from bad to. It was making it up as I went down, girls try this now. Usually I started usually with an open stance and dumb just like I like to get both eyes on the baseball And then as the picture went into his wind up, squared off to home plate, but just kind of gave me that rhythm. Everybody's looking for some type of movement so that you're not going from like this dead standstill. To swing and a miss, says Kim chases a breaking ball on the outside part of the plate. One down. Whatever that is for each guy. What's that rhythm that they could start It start to get into the flow to where their swing needs to be. Sometimes the leg kick can be really good for hitter. It's just Always getting that front foot down on time. That's why when guys will struggle a bit, you may see them eliminate the stride so that it just takes one less thing out of it for a little while and they go back to contact And then once they get going And they can loosen things up a little bit. Patrick Kibble, a hand a strikeout,.

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