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Guthrie had this student on her show this morning didn't interview I thought she asks him ridiculous questions. It certainly was not enough to satisfy some of the people who were irrationally keep just talking about white supremacy. It doesn't really make a lot of sense. But then again. They don't make a lot of sense with the story because it was made up from the very beginning. But now Robert Barnes is the lawyer for these students he is now he's given the media forty eight hours to retract their statements. Here's the cut that we prepare for you. Everybody is now in forty eight hours notice. So by Friday, everybody needs to retract incorrect. Any false statements. They have issued about these kids that includes any major member of the media that include any major celebrity that includes anybody with a substantial social media platform, if you've said anything false about these kids they are willing to extend you a forty eight hour time period that period of grace consistent with their Christian faith for you to through confessions. Get redemption and retract and correct and apologize. If you do not the next week, you may be a defendant in a lawsuit because those lawsuits will start to occur next week. There we go. I liked that start the lawsuits he said everybody every media outlet every celebrity. I mean, he should file I said yesterday, he should file seven hundred lawsuits. I think it'd be fantastic. I mean, he he's not looking for an outcome here. He's looking to because the media is looking to say, oh, well as information comes in. We will clarify. I don't think that's acceptable. Eight three three eight five two four eight six six. Let's get some perspective from Jeff in Raleigh, North Carolina. Every new year to having new year. Yeah. Well, and it's particular case for talk about I think everybody that was involved in it adds some part in it. If you look at it. There's a number of tapes out now. This show in the boys at that school harassing a bunch of women in in. I mean skewing young ladies in the young ladies would just irradiated at with the guys were doing what I was their age. I couldn't use these cues on just a kid. No. You know what you're doing? We're in the country. We have more kids in prison locked up in any place in the world. So forget that. They're just kids. They were doing things wrong. Everybody was so there's no no there's no saints in there. And there's no bad guy. I think there's bad guys, Jeff, this is what I think the well, obviously, those guys the black Israelite guys who I used to see in Times Square. And I haven't seen him for years and years, but apparently they're still out there. So those guys were bad actors because they were screaming epithets at the kids who are waiting for their bus. And I think this guy Nathan is a villain because he went up and beat his drum. And and then he lied about it because he said they were. They confronted him. But no that was the opposite. He confronted them. And then people posted the video, and then the the native American guy lied about it. And he said they were screaming build the wall. They weren't that was lie. So he told several lies to the media in order to get these kids in trouble. And then the kids did get in trouble for it. They were being threatened with expulsion. So I would say that they are the villains and the kids are they're innocent victims first of all did you see the taste goal? You're gonna pretend you didn't see the one when I saw that tape online. I I don't know who it is. It's certainly not this kid, whatever. But no, I don't see any harassing of women in that tape. Somebody posted something to their Instagram of a bunch of boys in the background, yelling maga-. There was no harassment of women in that videotape. No, I'm talking about the ones that the west and the girls in the gross, which they were tired of it. You see that video. Yeah. There's no harassment of women in that video. Okay. That's just making up a lie. Mo. There described the video because I will tell you what exactly what was in the big because I saw 'cause they posted it on social media. And they said these boys aren't innocent. It's a videotape of what I thought too young ladies. Core complaining about the young fellows from school harassing them. And they said they were tired of it into story. Well, but there was no wait was any harassment shown on the video though. There's no harassment on the video. They said they had been doing it for a while. And they were they were getting tired of it. That's enough that was your daughter. And she told you that you would you would you would take your daughter side. If I would she said, I'm. Well, I with my daughter, I think everybody in your studio would there's a video on Instagram that I've seen in the girl said, I'm sick of it. But she didn't she didn't alleged harassment. Did she did she say, I'm sick of these boys? Harassing me. Oh god. Okay. Okay. Well, I'll I'll I'll play dumb you right now. Jeff. There's a video of boys in the background. And they're yelling maga-, you know, because they have the mega hats on who's to say that those girls weren't taunting them with their maga- hats. And then as the girls were fifty yards in the distance, they yelled maggot, there's no harassment on that tape gyp and besides it's irrelevant because you don't know who those boys are in that tape. So here's the thing. Let's stick to the issue at hand. The the the group was using racial epithets that went on they were yelling at these kids, and they were calling them all sorts of names for about I guess about an hour, then Mr. peaceful drum went up and beat a drum in their face. And then lied about it don't don't just see who's that. This was fake from the beginning. Well, the guy said he got in-vitro the the four like Israelites, and what was like two hundred students, and so he said he wanted to get in between them. So because they were going at each other, which they were those guys were doing those things those records before on the street. I think. Borough there once and nuts. I've never seen more than four or five and then together. Anyway, that shows you how small they are. So I'll take I'll take his word that he wouldn't have been able to to to break it up a calm. And then they got some moves out on the internet. Now, it shows it shows it reminded me when I was growing up in the sixties people sitting at the. In restaurants. And I saw a bunch of white guys around mouths smirking with the same smirk. Well, the, but the this native American guy though, you said you take him at his word. I don't think you should because it's a provable lie that he was getting going in between to be a peacemaker because there's video of him approaching the boys and beating drum in their face. He's not doing any peacemaking there. Well, well, well, he he he may have had a good heart in. But what I'm saying is he got between the two groups the two why did he lie about it? Then why did he lie about what they said? And then when they convinced they said to him, there's no there's no there's none of the things you said are true on that tape. Then he changed and said that he was a piece peacemaker at first. He said they blocked his way. So he made up. I mean, there's a handful allies that this guy made up and their listed national review, printed them. So I think this guy is a he's a charlatan. He's a fraud was a liar. And then he went to the Catholic church, and he tried to he and his buddies tried to upset the Catholic mass. He also said go back to Europe, he's not some peacemaker him. And his buddy were taunted the students and saying this is our land. You have to go back to Europe. Well, I mean, I I think that's absurd. Just like, you know. No. So, you know, but, but I think this thing this is why I think that the media is going to keep twisting this Jeff and saying, oh, well, it's all sides all sides are at fault. I mean, that's your perspective. But I don't think that that is the truth. I am hoping that this this lawsuit from the the family's lawyer is gonna scare some of the media. So they're going to have to print a complete retractions. You're not going to do next week. Warning me talking about this garbage. Because that's all it is is garbage. Everybody's picking it. And and everybody's everybody has some fault in this. That's what I'm saying. Even the kids. So and everybody next week. We won't be talking about these carbs. You'll be talking about something else. We got. He you may be true. We're certainly going to be talking about the state of the union for the next few weeks. But Jeff thank you for the call. So Jeff says. He says from his perspective, everyone is at fault. I don't agree with Jeff I think that there is a clear villain in this. And to me, the number oddly, a lot of people are like, well, of course, the black Israelite group that was yelling the racial epithets. They're the worst of the villain. And then maybe this guy was trying to be a peacemaker. I actually think in the course of this story, the major villain is this native American drumming guy because he was the one who lied to the media he sought out the media, but they sent in a videotape which was purposefully misleading. He did interviews with the media. And he lied to them. He then was caught in his li-, and he's re retooled his li-. He actually defended that black Israelite group and said that they were telling some truths some truths about history. So I tried to align himself with them now that they're getting all the bad press in there. You know, it's being shown what they actually believe he's probably not going to align themselves with those guys anymore. But I I would love it. If he had to sit down with savannah Guthrie tomorrow because she says, she's she's trying to line up an interview because he's now said so many different things, and it's been proven that he's a liar. And that you know, he came off as a Vietnam veteran at first, and he he wasn't. That's that's another part of the story. That's not true. But I don't even think you need to go into that just sticking to this story. He lied the media willingly fell for it. And now they're trapped they're trapped because they lied to the American people. And now the president's gonna get involve with these kids go to the White House. Jeff says it's. All going to be gone in a week. Do you think it is? I don't think it's going to be gone in a week. Just like Kavanagh's not going to be gone because they're trying to reopen that Cavanaugh thing. That's part of this. What this is about as well. Troy in Pocatello, Idaho. Like, Joe Judy Garland used to sing that song. No never heard of that. She was born in a trunk in the Princess theatre and polka Tele Idaho great song. Look it up. All right. I will how you doing today. Good. Good. So yes, I think they that lawyer thing is a great idea. The parents absolutely Sherry. Go after the media for one, okay? For to like people in the Hollywood like you said, Melissa Milano. Yeah. I'm just a regular Joe now, I got on the media and said, you know, and then was telling people to go. Whatever. The place would be coming to my door. Interesting me for making a terroristic threat. Yeah. You know? So I mean, and the only way this is gonna stop. You know? I mean the media needs to recognize and not realize that. Not think that. Everything's just free for all. I mean, they have to have some respect in. There has to be some lines that they don't that. They can't cross. And so I think example, needs to be made. Absolutely. And another thing I think it's almost as if. You know, we're Sarah gated if we wear our Trump hats, it's like I almost wanted to tell everybody that voted for Trump. That's where our hats. You know what I mean? And and and keep genuine stirred us up. You know what I mean because? Yeah. We're we're not just going to lay down so Choi. Troy's going to wear his hat in public. That's his part in this joy. Thanks for the call and look up that song. It's a great Judy Garland sung born in a trunk. I think is the name of the song Tyrone in Harlem. Hey, hey. How you doing good? Yeah. It'd be the story of the year we continue to one the flame fan the flame or racial hatred and continue down this road. And the media. You know, they want to be I would be right. That's that's what this was all about this out there real fast. And hopefully we cooks. Up some. Rooks, and what have you, and we make money, you know? So we continue down this road. Continue to Katie Trevor. Fight with each other. Who end up? Well, the reason I think I would love it too. I would love to come out of this with without that happening. But I what I think has to happen is the media is is trying to come out of this. And they're trying to twist the story and act is if they didn't miss report a story and act as if that there is a complex issue here when it's not complex. I think the media has to admit ok we lied. We've been lying to you for a long time. We keep hyping stories. I you know, what I need the media to do Tyrone. They I need them to do what joy Behar did yesterday and say, do, you know, why we hype stories like this because we're so angry at Trump where taken it out on all these other people? People are angry at Trump people are angry at the the left wing people they linger yet parole people just angry just to be angry. Yeah. He also we we recognized that we all live in one country. And we continue down this road of and a lot of it comes from because we don't understand each other. But we can continue down this road of of anger and fighting, and what have you and nothing's gonna get some you got eight hundred thousand people out of work people. You got people stop stopping before this. And they are they in this country. Starving, and they don't have any money. You know, you say black important told me this is is that a high. But I still see people I live in Harlem, watch, still she people are not employed. I have mental illness problems that have all come on issues in in Harlem. So we we still got major issues we keep sidetracking sidetracking ourselves off the mayor of the main path that could make this country so much better. Yeah. I agree. Thank you for the call, Tyrone. I do like that sentiment. And you know, what I was mentioned yesterday during the third hour is that I really think one of the things that has to happen..

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