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And win now wasn't meaning duct works on air conditioning. You trip y'all as in watch for you remind land everything kosher domi welcome back. You know the real fight to me. You know the real fight to make is adrian's girl versus mom jose's girl they the same way. There's no way his girls not a little rebecca's we just saying what it out. What i still doubt. Rose you met adrian grow. She see my day for ten. There is i. I'm sure it's taking i'm suicide. Think about that a young. Thank god damn. Angie is one seventy seven no energy. She's so edgy man. would you wrigley. You know how i feel about it. Even though was kayla plant now as andre ward just honest or is he actually training i mean pointers or pointers of the same thing is training right. Yeah give me right. Nah i don't think it was a camp or anything like that. I mean i really don't know if it's like. Oh they got in contact. You'll come over here for like two weeks me. I don't know how long that was. I've seen videos of andrei kind of schooling. But i don't know the time in how how how how that went about exactly. But joe's jewels man and at those levels mean anything good can can can be had the true. I mean you got low on. I don't think. Taylor gonna be able to take powell man. That's what i think. It ain't nothing against i. Just don't think you'll be able to take our camello pile lax. I'm showing the sleep. Mario bill burl on my head. Hernia surgery before leading she. You'll come right through the town up to his later. Ashley i feel you by sticking by your mind if you had you know if you already page plane hotel stuff like that you might wanna think about going but again i i respect you know. They're seeking to difficult. Are you gonna be alone now. No mariel you made these plans to be in this hotel room home. You know you just alone. I get it i get it. I can't fucking hate on like you're alone now. The person you train with is not there. Brian bliss out everybody who the author was. Look if y'all if some come up mamesa yagi immediately you know count on everybody be a shoutout to watertown to hold town. I folk little baldi. My guy see us on saturday on the cracks a mighty Shout out to the champ bids low balls to the wall and his matchup. y'all All i gotta say one thing chant. You already know bro. Jose grass command. Jose canceled this flight. He's even wacko. Because you're all mountain tom. It's not even the afternoon yet like you didn't even let the do get out of surgery to see what his decision the wife was gonna make. Everybody be irrational. You know what it is like when it happens last minute like this is just like the cancelation. You don't have the rush you like. You're allowed to cancel and cova like jumping the gun man in the fridge. What's in the fridge man. What's in the fridge. We're going to have to corey north carolina with the crickets as far as Clinton cannella fight man I'm kind of. I'm kind of scared for plant man. I watched that. Who's talking top to fight and He took a laga unnecessary punishment. In that fight. He'll be able to handle that if canola was way smarter. Father than Talked to you to me. And i don't think he'll be able to handle it Also so it's fifty five I wanna pick one. I'll just leave it at that but sat out tomorrow. Wife it's not it's not chill families. The responsibility to take care of your husband is your responsibility as his wife and Do the other girl that come on and was talking about she wanted to. You ought to be the same yourself. That's my call Majed ohio everybody needs to like the video. Subscribe to the channel. now fucking i forgot. I'm looking at this. I'm still looking at this fight to saying well. I feel i can nello this nigga been so fucking active. Back to back. He got combos. Likes a daisy. Be creating new shit. I feel like kayla playing good but you know second half and that guest tangle run low and he got a fighting that pocket. She goes on her Scene winning on the cars. And i definitely don't see him knocking nello so i feel like he's going to be can nullify. Andre ward might as well get yourself ready. Everybody talk shit because once he is like the accolades that he achieved. Cannella win this fight. He fucking blow past and you got andrei war sitting there trying to block in a way. We're training main My favorite fighter or whatever. But i felt like kayla plan brought to go down in den which by the do about it andre ward because you stuck knows in the business now everybody about to be on us. I saw all right. Eight is so stupid. Like yo i got adrian but the put his girl in the ring and that's the perfect fight to that be good actual same weight. Women that is that good on the is but no run the fucking trigger-happy as fucking wit. I'm pretty. I'm pretty sure he if he didn't care these semi screen says like these dudes are widows. Everybody's in arrest of fucking duck. Damn i mean at least let rebecca see. Rebecca was saying she wants to fight a still so like why cancel without giving her the opportunity to even say anything jeb. Cinema denver would up.

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