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A day or during the course of what peers say a year all my lands they exist almost countless because we want to get people excited about the quality television they can count on three hundred sixty five days a year on suggest to what i was wondering because lorries stokes has been over channel seven for a long time and she quit that job and she's gone over the channel five bill evans all those people have to redo all those those promotional commercial i now and you know what sometimes i sometimes they're really easy to do they just bring in a crew and we shoot it in the studio ride if it's a location shoot atlanta many move the issue they probably already did him now because she left in the middle of august which a lot warned everybody else in the ad damn at lori we got a good read nia staying a day out of your life admit oh absolutely ah why you know what you could be digging ditches thank you you're absolutely right villa de be it's pretty good gigs i think he's going over to a channel five to work alongside a roseanne scotto why are worried kelly said he's gonna know he says he's going to announce today where what he's headed force so we'll see if i was getting married data voted off i hope he's not going to do weather on cbs that's what are you looking at oh poor dean let's go to patti she she got the daily dirt julia louisdreyfuss that in a facebook message yesterday one in eight women will get breast cancer today i'm the one she's apparently diagnosed the day after she won her sixth best actress emmy award no a row for hbo show v she says she's fortunate to have great medical insurance and to be surrounded by loving support she said that's not the case for many women we should fight to change that she did not give any details on the exact type of breast cancer jazz or the stage at which they found it but she seems really positive about her future said that's a good thing that they're going to work around the the show fit her schedule yeah it's the last season next d i next year so i guess there you see that you see a little thing is joe biden center area children so we gotta stay together here jane fonda.

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