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On the field leads to chaos in the courtroom, a former Duxbury teacher now Is dropping his lawsuit. WBC Jim McKay has more John Blake has dropped his counter lawsuit against the family of Parker Foley. Blake initially filed that lawsuit accusing the family of character assassination and also the Ducks very school district of making statements to town officials that were not true. Parker Foley's family sued the town of Duxbury and John Blake, alleging that Blake during his time as a middle school gym teacher. Repeatedly raped their son. Blake was investigated over anonymous allegations in the past was cleared and then subsequent investigation found he violated school district policies and was recently fired earlier this spring. Jim McKay wbz Boston's NewsRadio, The grieving process continues for the family of Conrad Roy, the South Coast teenager who took his own life in the groundbreaking suicide by text case. WBC's Kim Tunnicliffe speaks with Conrad's dad who just happened to receive an unexpected father's Day gift. Seven years ago, Conrad Roy Jr was using his tugboat to do some towing work in New Bedford Harbor with his son, Conrad Roy. The third when the hard hat he was wearing blew off his head fast forward to this past Father's Day, and Roy Jr found out his hard hat has been found on a beach some 2200 miles away. We're going through Facebook and I started like a picture of my heart had, and then I read that they found it in the Azores, and I couldn't believe At the time. I was actually thinking about my son scaling down and then I just thought it was a gift from him. When I read the post, right Junior says he plans on traveling to the A source to pick up his hard hat sometime soon set a date yet, but I plan to visit the island and then in one moment, I found Kim Tunnicliffe WBZ Boston's news radio on Beacon Hill, Busy times where the House unanimously approves a $275 million transportation bill. That will improve road maintenance and transit. The majority of the money would go to reimburse cities and towns for ongoing road and bridge work. It is now moving on to the Senate. Getting a great deal on a used car, maybe a difficult prospect, at least for now. A perfect storm of low inventory, a global shortage of computer chips. And, yes, the coronavirus pandemic means sticker shock. For many perspective, pre owned vehicle buyers. Black Book, which tracks car and truck data, says it's resulted in many high demand vehicles selling for more than they did when they were new in 2019, a typical Toyota Tacoma s R double cab pickup cost just under $29,000.2 years. Later, dealers are paying almost 1000 more to buy the same vehicle, even though it's used and then selling it to consumers and over 30 Grand. Overall used prices are up 30% area Aldinger ABC News. Good morning 6 49. Mostly cloudy and 59 degrees. Syrian Boston Going green in Connecticut Governor Ned Lamont makes it official signs legislation to make recreational marijuana. Legal in the nutmeg state. Could Rhode Island's be next to the state Senate approves the revised legal marijuana bill that measure now heads to the Rhode Island's house. They say, and we know that tattoos are permanent things. WBC's Carl Stevens says. So is a pandemic policy put in place by a local tattoo parlor. Joe Hamilton is one of the artists at the Moselle Custom Tattoo and piercing Salon and Everett. They've been around for two decades, and he tells me one pandemic era practice. They're going to keep Is the limitation on the number of customers allowed in the place at one time, he says. It brings back a little bit of intimacy is not as hurried now. Something that normally takes me maybe 20 minutes. Don't mind it being 40 minutes because I'm focused more on what I'm doing. I have no pressure. I can build a little bit better, um, communication and rapport. With my client. One thing we learned during the pandemic is what reality feels like when it slows down and some of that is not a bad thing. Carl Stevens WBC Boston's news radio, WBZ NewsRadio looks back as we turn 100 PZ 10 30 a Day of Hope in Dallas, Texas, begins with the words of President John.

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