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No you get a few fries for nothing i only on eight they have dollars like nachos nacho fries bell 'grande too tom too much stuff on my favorite food is nachos as you know and i like the irish nachos which is a little offensive to my heritage but like we're they'll it's it's usually steak fries which bothers me with a lot of with nachos toppings on it so cheese scallions sometimes scallions yeah oh i'd love it but like again scoop much up with a fry yeah so like well maybe that's right nice thick fry yeah i know but anything that doesn't congealed to fry has no business being on top of a frie the place that i eat french fries from most that order breed us from sometimes when i'm in bed place or cheese fries from them and they really boy i write them an ice aleta one day because they do like two layers of cheese day like really like you don't get a frie that doesn't have cheese on it do they get saggy now because they deliver sue the the man runs soon as like i think he puts the cheese on the way heated up no it's already hot but he because whenever he hands me the bag he's cheese all over his and was like did you get in these these no tom have i ever told you that you have a very sad life we'll see next week.

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