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To that principle oh sure it will absolutely tightly organised so tight tight emerged the Austin powers used to eat to eat like a tiger this is absolutely ridiculous this person this man this may or whatever you want to call them he he really I mean he's stumbling one after another he just keeps tripping and falling crashing and burning he'd literally sat there need well the testing sites are changing they're not changing their act capacity he's dropping the ball he's messing things up but when things happen in New Jersey and they have to shut things down it's a failure in things happen in New York and it doesn't happen well we're changing the way we're doing delivering testing we're prioritizing when president trump says if you don't have symptoms he should be taking a test that's reckless and irresponsible but when mayor bill de Blasio says we're going to prioritize it it's stand up and clap because he's fantastic it's absolutely insane they really think that you are an idiot they think that I am an idiot now there's a lot of people think I'm an idiot so I'll I'll leave that to the side and leave that for argument's sake but you come on you're smarter than that they know that you know right from wrong but you know what these guys are so brazen there so drunk on power because now like I said yesterday this is every politician's dream they absolutely love the fact that when they they open their mouths cameras and microphones are everywhere nobody cares about them half the time but now because your livelihood your ability to go to work is based on their decisions now now everything you say matters I gotta tell you I give mayor de Blasio a big fat F. for being frazzled for being fearful he's really really sloppy I mean if you watch and he's sitting there he doesn't know what to say doesn't know what to do poor guys really crashing and burning it's a good thing for him that this didn't happen before his reelection because I don't think he would weather the storm but I want you to hear more about what he had to say so not only are they having issues with testing and moving locations around because they're prioritizing you know air quotes but here is the big major development right you've got president trump doesn't literally nationalizing industries on the phone day in day out talking to CEOs about this that and the third what is billed the blouse you doing Ole boy now if you've been to Manhattan lately or anywhere in the borough's you'll know parking hasn't been as chaotic because there's four cars driving down the road but here is his breakthrough solution breakthrough solution to help our health care workers with parking permits listen to this in light of the profound changes in the city the fact that a so much of the city is not operating the way it normally does and and the idea of commuting has been fundamentally changed in so many parts of our city are not seeing the kind of traffic center that we're used to we're going to do something temporarily in this crisis and grant parking permits to health care workers who we need to service this city in this crisis so they'll be a process to determine who qualifies and we will begin with ten thousand permits foreign these heroic workers that will start to distribute as early as tomorrow okay so let me get this straight people are dropping dead from corona virus here comes Superman Bolshevik buildup Lazio with his genius idea I'm going to give out parking permits why is there a serious gridlock problem in New York are you kidding this man is a joke so many problems yesterday again I played audio from the war room program right here on talk radio seventy seven W. B. C. hosted by Stephen K. Bannon he interviewed Rudy Giuliani and mayor Giuliani said yesterday I played you the audio not going to do it again unless I have to but he yesterday said there are shut down hospitals that we shut down for many different reasons that have beds that have space to have theirs there is space this floating hospital is coming here not because it's not needed but because it is staffed and it's ready to go these other things would be something of last resort but the point that I'm making is how is this major breaking news how is this some help earth shattering people are ill people can't breathe I see use are at capacity according to the mayor and the way we're going to solve this problem is we are going to print ten thousand parking passes for health care workers I'm floored I would how easy would it be if I was mayor in my imaginary world of New York City A. K. A. Ridgeville and rich about this is the mayor I just tell the traffic cops so all right NYPD traffic division we're not going to be giving out tickets for a little bit near hospitals how about that I don't understand this this is the need to print ten thousand parking permits for health care workers now I'm not saying that we shouldn't help the healthcare workers of course we should but the point I'm making is his solutions are ridiculous this is completely asinine we have a life and death situation where people are being shuttered in their homes and his answer is I'm going to pay a city employee to print ten thousand parking permits and that wasn't the tangent I wanted to go on but I wanted you to hear that I want to take a call before we go on we got eva in New Jersey eva you're I'm original doesn't WBC go for it yeah hello hi what's on your mind okay first of all we're always AOC oil and craziest Curtis Coles that was for me but that's okay yeah well really okay where was she when Cuomo announced on the radio and I've been hearing it all it all day or so for Stanley contracted the military engineers to make the the hospitals and and several other facilities including Javits center suit suitable for hospitalization right yeah well course AOC was missing in action because there wasn't a TV camera and fake tapper from CNN wasn't there to interview her but now that he is she's got something to say of course president trump made it very clear right from the beginning if governor Cuomo needs the army corps of engineers he's got him because the federal government's role is here to help but mayors and governors of states are always looking out for themselves these guys have holes in their budgets they don't have enough money to cover things why because they do stupid things like this like printing parking passes and paying someone to do it so what happens now they have they spent all of this money building this massive bureaucracy where you have all these employees that are making way more money than any regular human does and I'm at that you can put on record it is a city employees want to hate me that's fine I work I work for the state and I know as a state worker I was like the golden goose working for the government's like hitting the Lotto I used to pay eighty nine hundred dollars a year for my own personal life family of four health care package I got hired for the state the first year that Christie enacted that they actually have to pay for their benefits and they had to pay like one point five percent of the actual cost and guess what it was like hitting the lottery I save myself about eight thousand dollars I paid less than a thousand dollars a year for a Cadillac medical program of healthcare through the state of New Jersey when I work for the Christie administration it was beautiful and all at taxpayer expense obviously I'm not there anymore I don't want to take advantage of tax payers but I'm just trying to make the point we'll be right back I finished on the other side.

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