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And you know, what if he gets a receiver other than Robbie Anderson? If he gets another running back this year they were just beaten up with injuries like beloved Powell Isaiah Crowell. They if they get running back if they can surround him with a couple of if they have a good draft. I could easily see the jets being a playoff team next year. Who in the is a playoff team the chargers decent team. They're good team. I don't send. I don't think the charge is going to be back next year. I really don't. I have let's changing. I don't think they're coached very well. And I think it's really hard and the NFL to go to be really good back to back seasons without being coached. Very well. I just feel that way as a head coach. I thing was changing fill rivers also. Thirty eight years old next year. And it's never won anything. Like, maybe he doesn't radius forty one in his one a lot of things. Well, Philip rivers arguably had the best season of his career this. Yes, he did. And are we expecting him to have that good of a year next year? I won't bet on it. I'll say that Goodyear. I'll save a positive. You're Keenan Allen was also healthy for a whole season for the first time ever. Yes. I mean, I'm not saying the chargers can't do it. But when you're I think Anthony win is greatest coach in the world. It's hard to go back to the playoffs and do that. Well, again, what would he made them believes they keep it was keeping the same offense for Lamar Jackson Tom Brady why on earth? Would you think Tom Brady and Lamar Jackson even in the same breath? No disrespected Lamar Jackson whatsoever. But comparing them to is wrong because they're both comprised quarterback song. One coach Bill chick completely dismantled the other coach. And now does. Let's not let's be honest Bill chick is dismantled a lot of coaches in his career. But. Anthony Lynn, I don't know, man. I'm not saying the chargers can't go back. But I would be a little bit surprised. Okay. So who else the ravens they won their division? The steelers. They missed the playoffs. They're looking at turmoil. The Bengals no, I don't think. So. Tennessee, Tennessee, Houston, or Indianapolis, maybe Houston, I think Houston could fall apart. I mean, at least go backwards. Who knows? I don't think Houston's that good. I feel like they're very overrated team. But they're all right. It's a chance I'm just saying Adam gays. I think the jets are in a better situation than about half the teams in the. Yeah. But I know you're big on the Browns. But the Browns until they prove that they can win more than five or six games. They're there. I don't wanna hear it. You know what I mean? Like, I get it. They got a young quarterback. He looks promising. They got a running back. Looks promising. They got some defensive players. We'll see I think there's a lot of potentially of contenders for playoffs. All right. So I'll tell you the teams that I think the jets are better than right now. You're ready. Okay. Go raiders, okay. Bills. Wait talking about the jets raiders bills. Dolphins bingles. Until otherwise Jacksonville until otherwise Jacksonville needs a quarterback until now if they get folds or something like that I'll change thou. I'll tell you Jackson's better for sure. Okay. Tennessee is right there with the jets. Yes. They're better than Denver until keenum has gone. They're better than they're in a better situation than Denver in my opinion. I mean, that's sixteen already that's half the AFC right there. You know? So we'll see we'll see Adam. The only time that team comes literally at an nowhere just has a great season could be the jets or any other team in the NFL. No. I know. But the jets I think it would be a sneaky pick. Okay. Okay. She go to break. Guess we should we gotta talk about Antonio Brown. The latest on him. And is it necessary to have an elite wide receiver to be team. We'll talk about we were. Are you.

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