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Breaking news. Good afternoon. Four zero seven White Sox weekly on the air seven twenty WGN Harry title. What's what's going on? Hello karam. How the hell are you? I am great back from a trip down to Atlanta Super Bowl fifty three. I don't know if you're aware hair the Super Bowl is tomorrow. But Barisan bears not in it. That is true. But there's always next year baby Super Bowl fifty four the airlock or number Miami. The place of the bears loss to the dolphins. Yeah. There there's a Walter Payton connection in there that I saw making the rounds on Twitter. So it'll be next year. Do you know what today C J P, by the way? I did not. I did I did send Jared Payton a text after I interviewed JIMBO covert raw power on the left side should be in the hall of fame is not for whatever reason. But JIMBO loves the Peyton family loves thirty four hockey, not how can you not? So I sent JP attacks JIMBO covert loves your family. He wrote back. We love him. I don't feel like I'm talking out of turn sharing this on the radio that will happen. But that was the most connected with J P down there Cy Adam Hogue had a bunch of Adam Hoge sightings went to dinner with Adam Hogue was on the Adam Hogue sports, central not in the hall of fame should be fair man is congrats to bear managing grants to bear, man. And by the way, if you do wanna get any interviews from the Super Bowl, we go to wgnradiOcom Adam Hogue was down there. Talking to literally everyone from Erlanger to prince amukamara to Ravi gold Robbie gold to a bunch of others off the top of my head that I'm not thinking of do you know what the day is today? Harry today is February second. Yes. Do you know what February thirteenth is? Yeah. Pitchers and catchers report for the Chicago. Do you know what thirteen minus two is hold on? Hold on. Yep. Well on your earlier question. It's tough one third. Mine is to normally I know you stay in single digits. Penn. It's the ones. Isaiah Thomas is number. Yeah. He's a fake the up. The bulls. Congratulated him every time the pistons eliminated them, then the bulls swept out Detroit and walk off the floor one of the greatest moments in Chicago sports history, which pistons were classy and after stay and congratulate the ball, I love that you're bringing that up right now White Sox. We want to Jerry Reinsdorf teams which pistons were classic Joe Dumars, John Salley. I believe John Salley, Scott Hastings, Scott Hastings Dumars walked off the Mars walked off the court. Yeah. Oh, he's a great guy classy guy. But he, you know, you see founders AL. Lamb beer have checked the tape on that. But so it's eleven check it eleven days eleven days. Still pitchers catchers report. Yes, we just came out of the deep freeze feels like we should walk outside right now. And have a catch, right? I would love to have a catch with Yukon. Let's do it. Let's do it. But the breaking news, and you know, he's a behind the scenes leader MVP type. Yeah. Every time you want to get out. White Sox weekly are the beat Dan long. Just inform the show that he's sliding over to engineering duties, the WGN, and Dan you are leaving the show. So like to give you the forum here just to talk about your emotions to not be with Carmen, Harry on Saturday afternoons and the void that will be in your life. Not hanging out with us. Hey, we've been doing this show for what two or three years now. And it's it's become a part of my life, definitely part of my professional life. And it's definitely going to be weird. Not doing it. I'm gonna miss seeing you guys every week. Although I will. Still be around. And we will still y'all. Hey, we're all on the same team. We're all still trying to make great radio together. Dan, you know, kids say the darndest things, Dan, will you still be in and out of the hawks locker room that I don't know. I have to have some conversations behind the scenes here upper management conversations, those always can be complicated yet beautiful all at the same time. What what are what are your meant? When you look back at the two thousand eighteen White Sox season. Dan, you were out there a lot you. You relieve you must've done by one hundred fifty the game show. What do you remember the most? L? Well, it was interesting. I mean, I got to obviously get into see some of that stuff behind the scenes and getting do, you know, talk to some of the guys in getting does talk Theriault a little bit. It's interesting to see kind of how the sausage is made. Especially for a team. That's rebuilding. And to see how. It affects some of those guys in the locker room and how they managed to stay positive despite the where the team wasn't a standings. And whereas if he was in their competitive cycle it just as a baseball fan, I found that fascinating. It was also fascinating just seeing Dan out there covering games for the first time and firing away questions at Ricky Renteria beat not afraid to open up his mouth. I really enjoyed that getting sedan do that. So anyway, those that that was like one of my favorite moments from last year, and I just listened to the post game show. And there's Dan ask you questions. He was like, listen, Rick. My name's Dan long, very unhappy. With the way you're going to your bullpen early in games. Are you thinking about over using them? And then he would answer the questions. I'm like, Dan, easy, take it. So that's that's skip. It you weren't afraid to fly request to their day-long. I I don't think I asked many bullpen related hard questions. I think mine were mostly softballs. But I remember boy, do you think you're responsible for the greatest upgraded? The SOX have made in this off season which is their bullpen. Am I responsible? Yeah. Your questions, you think Richard that negoti? No, he's right. We need to you know, we can't blow games once the starter leaves. We've got to improve the bullpen. I'm gonna get me a horse from Seattle. I think I think is a smart enough baseball guy on his own. He doesn't need tips. From for me to strengthen up the bullpen. Although the socks did markedly improved this year. Season. Good answer. Damn good answer. Well done. Well. Congratulations. And we'll see you. Bye. And we'll miss you all at the same time. I appreciate it guys. It's been fun. And let's let's do one more. That's exactly where the Latin style. So we're gonna have some spits from the sucks convention on the program today, including Michael kopech who sat down with Adam Hogue and Kevin Powell week ago Friday night, and he was all over the convention. I get to sue them on the first rounders alongside Daryl Boston Collins, and he's pretty out there. Harry about dealing with anxiety. Yeah. And the journey that he's been on. I really appreciate that out of Michael kopech. I think that bodes you know, he's gonna have a very challenging year being off the field. Rehabbing doubts are going to creep in right? If you're going to be able to be the same guy, even though surgeries been done a zillion times guys come back from this throwing even harder which is going to be hard to believe from Michael kopech standpoint. But it it's going to be a challenging year from and he's been pretty open about it. Yeah. You know about twenty seven years ago. I'm gonna say John Smoltz was the first baseball player to come out and talk about that very thing. And he said, I have a special psychologists who focuses on sports and wants most described it, you know, I it I'm thinking man this guy. He can he can put the ball. He's sixty feet six inches away from the plate and he can put that ball anywhere. He wants how could he have any anxiety issues whatsoever? And yet he was the first guy to come out and say, you know, I have these and it helps me to talk to a professional. I think that therapy gets a bad rap. And I think you know, people that are in therapy. It see a psychiatrist psychologist life coach life coach. I think they would rave about it. And you know, I think it's you know, in two thousand nineteen now I think we look at it differently. But almost every team has a specialist that does this now the old mental skills coach, and you work out. Right. You try to keep your body in shape you lift the weights you do the yoga. Work on your flexibility. You would think that you don't working on the old brain and getting to know yourself and being as comfortable as you can possibly be handling failure handling success handling everything that comes along with being a major league ballplayer. Let alone just a regular person society. All that makes a whole lot of sense. It's an hustle seems like kind of stunning that. It's. Sort of a new frontier league, you would have thought we would figure this out a while back, then you know, what this probably important to it's. I'm guaranteeing you. There's so many people that are successful to see people. But they're just not out there. You know, you want your dream about being a bigly ballplayer. And when you're bigly ballplayer. And you say you having Zadie issues the whole the whole world hears about it. But I'm sure that there are you heads of industry all over the place that have the same issues that see people, and they just don't come out and tell you want to hear the car deep dive bombing Zayed's on at four seventeen on white socks weekly. I would love to think about this. Let's go back all the way in time hearing all the way all the way to win there weren't roads. And just there were people there were lions, and they were talking like, Adam and ease. Yeah. Sure. Why not let's go Adam and eve time, I can't really tell you exactly how it was like, but this is how I theorized things were going on. So you're walking around and there's danger. There's a lion behind that. Tree. And you've got to survive. So the people that were walking around they were walking around all the time with anxiety. Right. Who's over there? What's over there? Hama gonna survive here. So it's built into the human condition. The people that survived had a good level of high anxiety because they were they were aware of their surroundings and being aware of your surroundings back then. Uh-huh. Had to be living with fear because there was forever. And then as we evolve that gene gets passed along. If if you will. And of course, we're all walking around with this. And then how do we deal with it? In today's live as a major league baseball player has radio host data's or whatever. There's nothing wrong with it's actually a beautiful thing. If we didn't have anxiety. We go run right on the street and get hit by a car that wouldn't be a good thing these beautiful, you know, historians have determined Adams last name. Did you know that? I did not know the turns out it was angle. Harry..

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