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Dot com delic in uh any walberg and that's right that's why i know the cbs hall dom uh uh eat the i'll i'm not gonna check it out i mean where's tom selleck not been on cbs selling forever i never watched magnum p i never a and oversaw one episode of magnum pi that showed us now and i love ferrari's and uh and not shown just never ever did it for me what's up lewis all yard you'll now look what's good i am i i've got a person um i've been oman almost all cecil's now and ask you still to one's not sure las although those people on the island of you guys aren't as open your medical marijuana some well done dole as the south on this boy i love it no no no no no chavan and i love lost no catherine i love lost because we the because it's a great show it depends on what kind of tv shows this guy's into what are some of your favorite shown actually karen our action during pope later ask him a lot of shooter watched the news these are but if you like a lot of action i i don't know that that laws is going to be for you it's going to confuse you a lot it is a low like you guys are going to do this right here why don't you watched the first two episodes and then make a decision not just not the first person to throw you off watch the first two i can't you guys have you should luck georgia first yeah us i watch vow tania all i just saw i watched about ten episodes niwa honey episode during the season's like everything sorted out and then i saw there's about 30 episodes percy's i can't i can't make this investment right now what a great great show got abyss that show so much what charlie how watch the first episode all the time me too because it's weird to see where where they start and where they end up from lost i think it was all a dream i i think the television program everybody died at the plane crash no matter twitter i did not hate on the show suits i've never seen the show suits as a comedy right i think so i.

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