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For the Notre Dame fighting Irish an opportunity and a chance for the Irish is first home win against a top ten teams since two thousand and four. It's the eighth ranked Notre Dame fighting Irish and the seventh ranked Stanford cardinal boy. Do we have a treat as the to go head-to-head coming up in just over an hour from Notre Dame stadium? Hi, everyone drew Casey with you insider network studios and thanks for stopping by Notre Dame football right here on the Notre Dame radio network. Of course, the Irish have quite the number of rivalries in their storied history. You think of USC perhaps navy Michigan? Who the Irish have already beaten this season and tonight's opponent? The Stanford cardinal the two teams have met more than thirty times, including each of the last twenty one years and boy have there been some tense moments. We certainly expect much more of that coming up tonight. We've got lots to get to as we approach kick off just after seven thirty eastern Lear from head coach Brian Kelly. Of course, we'll check the scoreboard get our keys to the game. And hear what's being said leading up to today's game. But first, let's get it out to our crew will call this one live at Notre Dame stadium alongside Jack Nolan. Ryan Harris, here's the voice of the fighting Irish, Paul Burmeister ju-. Thank you very much so much to look forward to you talk about the rivalry in the history between Notre Dame and Stanford. But right, I'm looking at the list of lines aphids op Ed book, we got a peek last week a very good one. A what he can deal with the offense. Could look like with him at the control. He was over seventy percent. Well over three hundred yards of total offense accounted for five touchdowns. Pat on the back. That was great. Now, you're playing a top ten defense and a top ten team. Now, he gets a really seat answer this question. How good can this offense be with Ian book? And I think what the book he doesn't have to stretch too much the huge game as you mentioned last week. Not just the five touchdowns he produced but there are seven for seven in the red zone with touchdowns last week. So he's had tremendous success. He got that kind of nerves out of the first start of the season. He's too and all as a starter. So I look for Ian book to just stay within his game his physical traits and his confidence are one of the reasons why coach Kelly end this coaching staff placed him into the starting role because of how he's developed because of how he's grown. So they just see this at the next step in his progression. It's one thing to the early in the season as the backup quarterback even one with nice experience from the year prior in feel like you know, what I could get out there dude on Saturday. It's another thing to actually go do it and Jack, Ian finally did that last week did better than most people thought he would always thought that helps a quarterback in practice the next week. He just carry yourself in a different way. When you have that kind of start under your belt. You're practice. Would you see from Ian? And also if you'd like to go there, which you see from Brandon as well a good week for both players this week. Ian has confidence. He's always had confidence. I didn't see much difference there. He throws a nice football. But when you look at last week his average length of completion from the time line of scrimmage to work hit the receiver was five point six yards per throw. Brandon wimbush has a stronger arm. I expect Stanford to try to force Ian to throw deep. He can do that. He did that number of times this week in practice, very successfully. But Brandon wimbush took snatch with the number one team as well this week, including on Thursday, he has a stronger arm. So I expect Stanford to challenging, but they're also preparing Brandon if they need to to put him in if the situation calls for it. And right, I thought one of the reasons that Brian Kelly may become at that's how our offense is supposed to look after he saw what he did against Wake Forest so many more receivers gotten fall different pass. Catchers caught the ball. Allison Mack had a career game. Chase Klay poll was. There. So if like Jack says, they dare Ian to throw the ball more confidence. He gained last week. He would welcome. Yeah. And that's one of the things when when you say ten different receivers caught the ball that shows any lead understanding of the offense. That means Ian book knows where to go with the football and more than that. He also knows how to read the defense before the snap. Your a quarterback. Paul pre-snap. Reads are huge and tough to get to your development as a quarterback. So Ian book not only has the understanding of the offense. But also understanding what the defense is doing and where their weaknesses are. Now. Stanford plays zone defense with are going to be a lot of whole specifically in the five to fifteen yard window that I expect to take advantage of early and often art we're talking quarterbacks here, Jack, we gotta go to the other side. And it's really not a surprise that Stanford's four. No, if someone were told you that a month ago, your first question would be why wonder how many yards Bryce love is four. But really leading the way an offense for them rice has had a decent season quarterback. Jay, Kostelic, terrific Costello's. The reason that they are foreign oh there is no question about that threw for three hundred twenty seven. Yards and three scores against Oregon. He has been the leader of this offense in combination with a very tall and deep wide receiving anti in court. They had a six five tight end at six seven tight end all of their wide. Receivers are six to are larger, and I expect it to be that way again today because Ryan can talk to this. But Stanford's offensive line has been very inconsistent. They had to replace some key pieces. They haven't been that good breaks. Love has only averaging four point three yards per carry head a decent game last week. But it's been a passing Stanford offense and not a rushing Stanford offense and his led them to these victories as for the rushing offense for Notre Dame. It's gonna look a whole lot different today than it did a week ago, and drew when we come back here a little bit as we get closer to kick off will dive into the Notre daybreak game. That's coming up here in a little bit right now back to you in our network studios. Thanks for looking forward to hearing the commentary on that running attack for this week. We'll get it back out to you guys in just a debt for.

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