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Protection is what was the thinking in your head behind coming up with something like this. I mean, I honestly, the sinking just comes from having had a lot of conversations with a lot of different people over the last call it three four years. And there's a lot of conversations. There's a lot of support and a lot of good ideas. But at the end of the day, we haven't learned enough fire for the action taken and no, you know that there was I, I would. I would say that, yeah, to a certain extent, it comes out of a certain amount of frustration and things like that. You know, the things that didn't may become across cleared the article is, you know, the IndyCar does do a lot in. We have more transparency between the drivers in the series. Now that I think we've ever had sure houses in a very, very big part of that. We have great champion within the series in Mark Miles, you know, as a group of drivers, but just because of doing something. Okay, doesn't we can't do something better, you know. And and I think we're in a position that was scary the at the serious self, a teams drivers all of us to organize a little more formally in a little better. And and yeah, just just make sure we're be taken care of in a way that fair. You know, we're not trying to. We're not trying to invent. Wheel here. We're not trying to write the book or not trying to make at -rageous Ammann's when I'm trying to bankrupt anybody, we, we all understand that we're not gonna fail. We don't have back the ball TV money. Like we, we get all that. We just wanna make sure that we're not being taken advantage of by anybody and and be in a sense of being taken care of a little bit better Hinch. Was there any reason why you brought this to public attention now this obviously has been on your mind for a while. And as you said, you've talked to an awful lot of people. Why was this the right time in your mind to bring it out into the into public knowledge on the it was suggested by somebody then that'd be a good time to do it. Okay. I didn't have. I didn't have a logical reason to not history. I think in the past is in been reasons to not be served thing. But when it was brought up, I, I had no rebuttal. So I figured, you know, if not part of the solution, you're part of the problem and I might as well, you know, put my money on out and start trying to actually do something about it. So there's part one of our interview with James Hinchcliffe on his plan to establish a more formal IndyCar drivers association for better protection of the performers in this high speed circus in part to we're going to get into sort of the nuts and bolts of this thing. And most of what hinges talkin about is better insurance for some of these drivers because there are some drivers out there who racing without insurance, and that's not right at all. All right. Well, let's do another pit stop here, but coming up part two of our interview with James Hinchcliffe. As we mentioned right after we played the Subaru race, Lenny, mailbag trivia contests in line you up for a shot at winning the price back that we award at the end of the on-track recent season at the end of November lots more to do..

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