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On this thursday night let's talk a little bit about the white sox is we're keeping her eyes on the cubs as well comes out this game in hand anytime they go to milwaukee it's just it's a piece of cake it's no big deal he's really isn't so it's the home opener for the white sox at snowy guaranteed rate and the white sox ninety seven in ten innings for those using for the first time me huge white sox fan tina means the most to me in the city up on the south side at either be a white sox fan or get beat down i be white sox fan if my neighborhood growing up in heights and so watching this team i understand the direction of the ballclub i don't like the direction the ball club but this is where you have to do you love to see your team in the mix every year but reconquered the general manager of the team is taking this team and trying to get into in a position to win for the future a lot of this is behind the scenes or under the hood understand right probably next year as well but i know that the future is bright based on the numbers i see in the minor leagues however as i always say prospects are suspects until you see them on the big stage you and monaco with over six today with four strikeouts brutal i mean and it's early but hopefully he'll be able to work through the issues that he can be the everyday arthur will he be ray durham will he be lance johnson i don't know i'm hoping that my colleague can be one of those cornerstone players for the white sox for the future matt davidson's the real deal though he went two for three or four runs and two walks today this lash line earlier in the season three hundred thousand four forty five or forty four and nine nine slash line is raking right now at number four spot as hawk harrelson said the broadcast i could see you hitting fifty home runs yes hell yes pissed off said that to the broadcast peo wait a minute hawk uncles very loose and comfortable in the booth today i'll get to hear him with bonetti in stone today on the television side so watching the game today this is a game that the that the sox.

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