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Light stream dot com. Slash four go. Get yourself helped out. We did last. What we're gonna do is gonna to talk about Cody sent this one in. He's the one who asked the question, would you rather have tiger when the tour championship? But it guarantees a US loss and the Ryder Cup that we debated for a while. And then Frankie had like a big I told you so moment. After we lost the Ryder Cup, I remember this Brandel Chamblee ask. He basically submitted goes. So I gotta follow my question a couple of weeks ago about Taiwan's championship guarantee. You has cost us the Ryder Cup. Am I to blame? I feel horrible about the. I think he might be to blame the one wrinkle that we didn't have any original question is r. yeah, tiger it's the wind and that feels great. But then he absolutely shits. At the Ryder Cup and you don't feel as good right afterwards. It would be so much cooler if the Ryder Cup happened before the torch championship, yes, we'd be on cloud a billion right now tiger and we all still feel good about tiger. I would imagine, but you don't feel as good. I am great going on the record as saying, I'm I have no regrets about what happened. I will take the feeling that I had after Tiger Woods won completely surpassed the down feelings I had when USO when the US loss, and he played as bad as he did. Okay. I I agree, but I also ever felt more. Yeah, I, yeah, I never felt better. I felt more better than I did worse. And I think that you guys definitely felt that way too, but here's no, but here's, here's what I say. I don't feel as good now as I did Sunday night when tiger won championship about tire, same us. You're saying it didn't carry over like as long as you would think like your? Oh, I'm just saying, like from what I saw at the Ryder Cup it, it took a. Notch down, like my thoughts about how confident I am entire, like when he won the torch amo chip is like, holy, fuck you. Like he is back like he, he can do any the best player in the world. Again, he almost won the FedEx Cup. Here we go, and then he sucked at the radical players in the world sucks. Threat Cup, right? Like all those guys sucked. Bryson was coming off two wins. He was like, those guys are Tiger Woods. I know of Tigers always sucked at the radical. That is the one part where I felt. Okay. Tigers always know that was a spin zone. Everybody was saying, but deep down. I was also kind of like sucked and everyone he played with sucked. So it's like as the whole entire like is the entire US team just like never gonna be able to rigs is right though. If the Ryder Cup had been before the tour championship, I would feel a billion. I can't. I couldn't take couldn't give away that that win. He's giving it away. Frank. We would feel better if tiger didn't suck dick, the Ryder Cup. All right. So go back in time. They're giving away the tiger win for a Ryder Cup win. No, no, I rest my case. Pretty good, Frank. What's fair point? Should we end the podcasts on that? Because I think we are pretty much done here. That was Brando like Brenton. Let's grab a drink. You might just earned a drink. I mean, look, it's a good point. We got put in a tough spot when we decided to hitch our wagon the way that we did and it just couldn't have the chips couldn't Afam better. We've worked Ryan when tiger one cry. I cry yesterday, watching him win again. I get chills with everybody, fallen bite him on eighteen this guy be slings on YouTube. I told you about this name. This guy be slings on YouTube. He goes through and he takes everyone attack with rounds from this year and he just boils the whole round down to basically every second that they showed tiger during the round and that's it. So I also this porn, all his videos are like you're on porn dot com. Awesome. All of his videos are like twenty to thirty five minutes log on YouTube and it's like Tiger Woods. Final round torch Abby chip, and it's literally every single shot. The tiger hip and it's not just the swing. It's like the minute that they cut to him. All right, Raj. What's Tigers out here? It's amazing commentary all over the place or does it like sink? No, because it's it's like it's the real footage from a real tournament from the real broadcast coverage. They just cut out every part of it. That's not Tiger Woods like Tiger Woods. How many views do these videos have? That's that's what I wanna know how it's like thousand, but like I thought it was going to be like fourteen, no. So. Trent. Daddy's looking them up right now on the YouTube machine. My point in saying this six hundred thirty thousand one of them does. So I'm saying this. So for example, like I watched the final round shot by, yeah, there is it look at his cover photo is the tiger tiger. With the backwards. See his videos do well. I'm not the only guy. Yeah, seventy one thousand one hundred. Four thousand. Yes. So there's people watching it. I thought this was something you had found that no one else had found it was just you and be slings watching. I got to be a little rattled that I talked about it because I don't want him to get like shut down. There's no way what he's doing can be legal literally, no way, but this guy he is awesome. And you could spend ladies and gentlemen. You can spend your whole night's watching this guy's videos, a Tiger Woods. It is just straight porn. It's like the one from the torch Ambit ship final round. Like as soon as you turn it on the guys like next on the t. from Jupiter, Florida, Tiger Woods. And then he rips one and twirls into the, I t and then the next day it cuts to his Tigers hitting his approach onto the green. Forty minutes straight, four minutes of just forty minutes. Stripping went to went back and I went back and all the way and be slings videos than his first video is impractical jokers botchy episode. And then he has a bunch of looks like a high school soccer tapes in that. He's like, fuck this. I'm just going to start doing Tiger Woods. So his saga tape has sixty five us. Forty-three views, forty, three fifty, five years. And then how to end the call duty montage. That is how you figure out the game like tiger sells his next one from tiger has six hundred eighty six hundred thirty two thousand. So that's must have been what it was like. All right. I'm doing. I'm doing time off school soccer. You wanted to hold his whole round of the Arnold Palmer final round and twenty two minutes I've watched. I've watched like all these. I believe that he's awesome to watch. You're gonna love it. Interesting. So be slayings if you're out there listening, keep doing what you're doing. You are just one of the best accounts in the history of YouTube, and if you get shut down for this Email me your new name when you start doing this again and I'm going to watch, I'll promote us. We get some more followers in there, but your count is fantastic. He doing what you're doing. Everybody go check out Beazley's on on you, the direction. I didn't think we were page. I'm telling you is pages life-changing. It'll Justin. I don't watch football at night. Really. I don't watch. Any other sports? I just watch Tiger Woods. Thomas more college, verse Washington and Jefferson, two thousand eight soccer game hour and thirty seven minutes. Good stuff here. Really. This is the one fifty five us. Any comments though. All right. That's it. We pretty much have to. We gotta do gotta let Frankie ended on the note that he's right. We basically we, there's zero percent chance that I would give up that tiger win for pretty much anything in the world. Right? Yeah. Let alone like fuck the US team. I don't even like those guys that much of this. They all just a bunch of drama queens seems like they are and it's like the European team right now. They're just so much hotter than our guys are like, Qatami flee with that because the coolest guy in the world, I wanna hang guy Molinari's Molinari's the funniest guy ever seen in he would be if he worked in the barstool office, he would. They would just keep a camera on his face all day and he would have ten laugh out loud facial expressions. So those guys are way cooler than our guys right now. Their stocks are obviously way higher. So yeah, I would gladly give up that win. I'm sorry, I would gladly just be. Yeah, we'll take what we had because the tire win was so awesome. You can go watch the whole thing on bee's slings YouTube account. Go, check it out. We'll be back next week. Next Tuesday, we got some big gas coming up this fall. So. People should get jacked up for that. And if you haven't listened to the Greg Norman tape, the Greg Norman interview from last Thursday goal do because one of the best we've ever done till I got hit hard heart. No.

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