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Hey guys this house the disease can you go mom what's up LA this is Camille avail it's one of two point seven kiss FM and I heart radio station music thank he should be turning we came back and when they think that you're keeping what we have been when she quit just a point a couple of the person for tech sure the point is that you believe in your with the right the what one of my goal so the soul of the soul hold up we go so one of two point seven KIIS FM yeah yeah yeah the roles of we now thank you to want to please the lady in the street but a freak in a bear to say go back back on the radio on one and two point seven kids Joe hang a late tonight what's going on he tomorrow night nine o'clock one of the array that love her man tomorrow at nine o'clock the list for a year were you Erin it's kind of weird you just hang up now to you lost what what's up I'm.

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