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David, I want to talk a little bit more about the chapter in the book called walking between worlds. There's a connection to the afterlife, Shamanism and more. Let's, let's get into that idea a little bit further. Oh, yes. Woking between worlds is one of the things towards the end of the book is a bit of a bike full me just finished reading a book when began cold. I'm Scott shaming of Mongolia. I started just see a connection between the colts UFO's alien abduction and also came together in chime in is one of the oldest, let's call it a mystical tradition. It's ancient goes back thousands of years to, to the origins public. The man even the NFL had to. Which will switch seem to be similar to showmanship joining them on Sundays cables, and having might be ritual magic for hunting purposes. Chime in ISM is the real base spirituality and Mongolia, particularly as spoilt in terms of its shamanic tradition. So I looked into that. The was Coleman entities usually in altered, states consciousness. Listen, genyk drugs to ritual, dancing and, and spontaneous visions that they would have these people, very sensitive, and I looked into the, the Zulu people, especially well, who had a very traumatic experience. Being, you know, sort of beaten up and taken, and these about human beings, just state, the two, let's go do human element. He was traumatized by. That experience. He seemed to develop a semantic capacity and often it was to troll. This is quite an interesting won't because. Trauma Genesis an often, of course island actions. So traumatic is very terrifying. Terrifying level of, of up diction phenomenon this while I was thinking is death. Experiences is also that it's not terrifying initially they need experience. It's sort of letting go they go into deepest out and then come back, and they integrate usually people have had experiences seemed Bility's or permissions seem to combat with many of the talents that shaima NDS. I think. Goes into the world into the well, the dead to speak with people Passover often as even you t cases where the dead alive with the islands that, that that past with, with the island so suggests that they living in a similar dimension. Oh, at least I have access same engine. That's really going on. The work of Whitley Strieber again, we're referred to his work was called the afterlife revolution. And he talks about the crossover between the dead equals the so-called bed and on the islands, and he will the, the visitors equals, and they have interactions in place in miraculous events. Calm drive past the, the license plate of the coin of would he was thinking of a dead dog that he used to have pumped into his months in a college. I nine the dog on the on the on the license plate things that, so it's all ties together very nicely. And chime in is because it see a Colt. It's magical talking about spirits, extraterrestrial entities. But I have different FIS is the same things that we would pull save it put it. As we start to wind down this conversation. You had said your own personal experience in two thousand eight of seeing a UFO you described it as I think you said a bag of light that, that was a description in you, and you described another citing as in a similar way you talked about the light. And then we talked about the military citing where it was a, a sphere surrounding cube as, as you start to define these, and you start to describe these are wait talking about these craft and I'll use that in quotes as actually being in energy as some type of foreign energy that we're seeing in not necessarily anything physical at all. I think this might be the case. There is examples of that dorito. You're very Coleman. Triangle, one thing when I was ten years old. He was just tweet. Distinct sinner trying. Hefley still silent. But my God. And when it was ten but it's not a claim, but I remember being quite, but it didn't it didn't lingo with me. Few years later, I forgotten about it. And then, of course, the famous cigar UFO which I think I have a memory of that very brief memory child with my best friend at the time we pointed out, fifty blue sky and so sick all, which vanish. Didn't really have much effect on may didn't link didn't. Maybe one day after his playing again. Didn't scare me didn't close any consent. But then there is the plasma the plasma favorite which this, this seems closer to, to home at the moment, because I live in coal, and there's a lot of famous white lights CNN in the countryside around here. They usually so. Oh families and a friend who took his dog out full console lights, which he described as a plastic form, the grand and it was just vibrating sound he's went into panic. This is remarkably calm in col- in the Simpson. So science west of England. In the sticks. And, and this is something called earth energies view that the us they live in the us in some way. So I'm becoming more open to the plasma interpretation, one book code light quest to invoke these lights the grand. Because it's very relevant to live. Well, these UFO continue to change form maybe trick us, maybe find other ways to reach us. I mean we've seen in evolution so far will that continue? They all very tricky. I have a trickster like element, which is often talked about. Like the Elko tail the. QE that the wing footed beings. They play with language with full with psychic abilities, and that's doing crop circles. And then skating US navy boats that have a very playful. And then treacherous attitude in some ways, and then suddenly, they'll have the transformative elements that you see in the work of Streep, and then you have the book Hopkins cases of, of terra body tow, it's very odd to put your finger on. But I think the important part is to vigilant as a human, the human side, we need to develop psychical capacities, equal to the phenomenon so that we can challenge in some way, if we can leave about is, and if they afterlife experience in that we more than what we all then we've got a lot of ground to be playing with we're not. We're not merely passive creatures. These UFO's make us feel small and insignificant in control. But I think the opposite really is the, the thing we should be looking at empowering us in some way, looking into the occult and making more integrated and having this sense of control about the this deep reality that with. We're talking about. I think looking into it is important less. Why? I should've asked this earlier because you brought up a governments. And, you know, we've often talked about disclosure and acceptance in acknowledgement. And none of that has happened designate threaten the governments themselves is that why it's been avoided for so long. I think so, because the whole shift of society would to turn it would kickoff. I'm not sure radical conspiracies, Richard. Fine for me. I'm not critical conspiracies at all. But I mean, it would have many affects religious political economical. Might even power political problems, and, and global political tensions, because it would depend on which nation disclosed the UFO then Russia, China would be the US and the UK it'd be Kyle. It'd be very hard to put your finger on what that would achieve in, in a positive sense, even a negative sense. It could complete backlash. I think one of the things in parapsychology the study of, of psychic abilities is one thing I have to come I in my opinion, because this definitely with remote viewing and things like this is becoming more mainstream events things on interested. In is the remote viewing element to the nothing to UFO will follow suit and follow after these releases. And I think psychic abilities first, and then you've you've disclosure final, I think, is going to be in order to in, in some ways, where do we go next with all this? We're are the metaphors going? In my opinion, I've been looking into Collins, work is being very fundamental, but it's also disciplining yourself and, and allowing yourself to not jump to conclusions. This is one of the things I discipline, myself, evolutionary meadows, and that's why it's this this title, and I'm not saying that mainly mental set symbols that pointing a finger way, looking at finger, but we have to look at the thing, it's pointing and that's, that's what I'm looking pool. I think when we go into folk phenomenon we should accept all of it. All of it similar tiny but without jumping on conclusion, but what it seems. Info psychical abilities, thing, these disciplines, if we can if we can learn how to meditate and going down into these levels that people who have a death experiences have had, and they come out with these messages, these lessons, and teaching I think we should listen to them, and same titan. Seriously? And listen to what they have to say, even though is a good example, he, he uses sound also things that was nothing. And I think that, that's the way forward nothing. We can come to, to stem the level of UFO plates on, if we, if we follow all of the different disciplines towards it converge upon a payment, so build up knowledge of it. From the ground up. I know you're always working David anything in progress that we should be looking out for. I'm working on a book next on a Colt psychology cold Wiltz together, nothing. I'm hoping to bring together you foes, colts and everything being talking about in evolution together, sort of expand on evolutionary metaphors, as being might it's a better, but to speak to go out and. Well, I'm gonna be going next. I explore a lot different interpretations. The not hope but it's a very positive one since ended to be an uplifting, an uplifting in expensive book. David, we're out of time. The, the topic is fascinating. The conversation was excellent. I appreciate your time once again, let people know where they can find out more.

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