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He had just very quickly. And every fight you look very intelligent fighter. IQ is very high. And the thing about his so versatile, in the way he can move, one of the most troubling things that fighter can be good, but if you get frustrated with not being able to read your opponent and you get frustrated, that can throw your entire game off. That's what happens to people like Max Holloway, Brian Ortega, people Chad Mendes, people like this, they just get completely thrown off because they don't know how to attack, right? And my fear is that if you're one dimensional final, in some ways, like Microsoft, he has one game plan, right? If you can't do that and he's frustrating you, what do you go to? Yeah. I'm just imagining how much they actually because as time goes on, I'm wondering how much research they do in the whole of these people's games, right? And I'm pretty sure, yeah, and I'm pretty sure volkanovski team is just very much capitalizing on number one because he keeps saying that bouncing it back. But how many holes are actually trying to look for in Islam's thing, but and how many times can you keep it bringing back up, right? I mean, remember, when you obviously, when you're doing training, these guys are not going a 100% to keep you down, right? They don't want to hurt you. So when he's unhappy, it's a whole different type of collaborate, right? It's an aggressive, they're punching you. All that takes an effect, right? You're breathing a different adrenaline. I mean, everything's different in the ground. So I think I'll come out with a window. Well, bottom line, what's the prediction? 5th round, I think decision. 5th round third decision. I think market share through the room, bro. Around third round. Exhibition? I don't know. I just think that's tough. I got Microsoft second round submission. Okay. What about you? I don't want to face me. Oh, okay. You just fight himself. Okay, come on. Great crap. Sitting in a cage watching other dudes fight. Yeah. Too bad. At a 145 pounds at that. Strike me all you want. I don't care what you got. One 45, I'll take you any day. Who's watching the last of us? What's he gonna do? Bro, you got a dangerous with watching the new show.

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