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Except their kicker struggle, Cody park, ARCHE one time Philadelphia eagle missed eleven kicks in over half of them went off the upright. He had a game where it happened four times. And yesterday it happened and it costs the bears game. Paul white pudding. He hit the upright. He's done all season long, Kevin Harlan, the call on Westwood One. So the eagles won sixteen fifteen. They had taken the lead on a fourth down. Nick foles TD passed a golden table just under a minute to play chargers. Earlier in the day. Blue much of a twenty point lead right at the end but held on to win a Baltimore. Twenty three to seventeen the road teams won three of the four wild card games. Both the sixteen are still alive Saturday colts. Visit the geez Cowboys play the Rams in L A. And then Sunday, it's the chargers at the patriots and the eagles. Visit the saints when they played in the regular season Orleans one six touch can battling beans or decide the college football championship tonight in Santa Clara, Alabama. And Clemson they've been the two best teams all season. In fact, neither team twice all season did either team win a game by less than twenty points. They've been the best teams in college football. The last four years in the last three championship games have all been decided until the end. It was surprise Minnesota Timberwolves of fired coach Tom dibitetto. They did it after an easy win over the Lakers..

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