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Otherwise, I'll just be repeating myself over and over again, it's a really interesting product the specs are pretty fascinating, the performance is really intriguing now whether or not that I know I o s is going to deliver. Something is some more of the performance is available in it back OS ten I think is kind of the next step on the next Lucien for the ipad. Pro it's going to be January replacement for everybody that might be normally looking at an ipad air. So. Yep. Is an interesting trend interesting trend generally speaking lately with these with you tend to get more compute power than like the software needs to catch up almost. Yeah. Right. Like, you've got these video GPU's Dr Tannock series. They've got you know, extra silicon can do extra machine learning related things that kind of not a lot is taking advantage of right? Like, there's there's some parts of it. There's other parts that are meant for Ray tracing. Also, not fully taken advantage of now, you've got this other neural net. You know, the video side just doing it more for to try to, you know, do better tricks graphically like normal related handling of the output make more pleasing or effectively equivalent to something that would need more horsepower to get the same result. And you've got all this negative this neural hardware engine stuff. Like extra silicon in all these apple products that? It's like it's like you're were we've swung really far on one side of the chicken and egg problem. It's a really good way. Right. Right. Like, you know, you're you're getting you're getting this extra hardware into the hands of lots of folks, whether they need or not it's just it's just there. Right. And at some point in the future, presumably, developers would take more and more advantage of that. Because you'd have that extra hardware in more and more of the marketplace are just more more of the users potential users. So yeah, it's really interesting amendment to see where that all goes in the coming year to three but for now, we've just got, hey, there's a sector hardware, and this thing, and yeah, it's an incremental upgrade otherwise. But look at all this neural engine thing that we may we're barely showing in sort of a demo fashion right now. But you know, maybe way more might bleed to way more powerful compute related things in the future. Yeah. Yeah. I don't know. It's it's got a lot of tweets around this. 'cause I tweeted about this earlier, and one of the things that I always thirteen at C Muratti tweeted out like, I always I always thirteen going to be a big deal on ipad had put USB there for a reason. You know, it's I'm and we also another great, you know, tweet from at Rory where it's like, it's the USB plague. You know, it's still wasn't cable. You never know. What's going on? There are three distinct flavors, which one would does what's you know, USCC charge only USB data speeds only know USB data support USB with USB three data sport spec- thunderbolt, three sports. And it's true. It's a messy spec on the irritating days, especially if you can't read the little tiny things that may or may not be printed next to next to the port on your portable device. Let's turn while I'm in Twitter a point out that at J J G R nine says, quote, they revealed the photograph the foldable phone in the dark and supposedly you can see the gap between screens and the light close up. Also, apparently foldable is no word so much spell checking so much emotional trauma. Zaps speaking computer part where is brought to you by express VPN which running on a desktop, right? Over actually a laptop right over here. None desktop because you know, I don't always like to share everything with my eyes p just because I don't stealthy that way. And if you travel out of your cafe or a hotel using public wifi. You are goodness help you in McCarron airport right now, Los Angeles, I should say the Las Vegas airport. What was the one of the first airports all three wife? I I've been running VPN in that airport pretty much ever since forever and friends of mine who are in the computer security, like don't do that. Like, I got a VPN. They're like, okay. You know, a hack with right, though, how can just kinda sip through your packets take a look at what's going on the wire shark on to other things, you know, they may be trying to steal passwords..

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